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Check my domain logs performance of sites and alerts the administrator whenever a site goes down. Check my domain is designed to be a multi-use tool for any web development agency. The site works by automatically checking each domain that you register every 5 minutes, checkmydomain updates itself and will let you know if there are any errors with the site. A little addition to checking if the site is online is checking if the site contains analytics. Origionally designed around Physio123. Web Developers and the admin team can check which sites need attention and which ones are running fine. Without needing to go through too much hassle. The future goals of the product is to bring this globally to a lot more companies, providing them with a clear and colourful insight to which site is online and which sites need attention. The current scope of the project is to provide user accounts for each company to which they can add, share and delete their own personal domains through this console. Modals play a major role in the website, they allow the user to add, delete and edit each site indivudually. Creating a modal which is clean effective and creative was the key aim of this. To provide a large amount of space around the central point of the goal, the user can be less distracted when developing their aim. This will play a role in allowing the user to login and register for the system, in addition to this bulk editing and deleting will be a later addition to the system. #logo #branding