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Any project that you initiate must have SMART goals. This is probably one of the most critical parts of your brief, where you get into more detail about the question “Why do you need a new logo?” that you’ve answered before. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. As a business owner, you’ve most likely created goals using this method. Make sure that you do the same for this project.... Now it’s time to get into the actual design. It can be a good idea to build this part of the brief in collaboration with the designer, especially if you’re not sure about what characteristics you want the logo to have. So consider scheduling a meeting with the designer to talk about the following points The style that you choose for your new logo should be consistent with the rest of the imagery associated with your brand. If you want to completely revamp your look, you’ll need to work on every single design piece that you use, and not just the logo. Some common logo styles that you can choose from are: minimal, retro, subtle, serious, classic, modern, vintage and more.... a huge part of graphic design. In branding, colors aren’t chosen by chance and once you become familiar with what each color transmits, that becomes quite clear. By now, the designer has probably already seen some of your other design pieces, so they have an idea of which colors you use. Still, it’s a topic worth discussing with the creator, in order to make sure that your palette of choice makes sense with your brand... When you think about design, you probably automatically think about the drawings, colors, and shapes. But typography is just as important. Maybe the creator will use the same font you’ve always used, maybe they’ll suggest a new one that might work better. The most important thing is that it makes sense with the brand, that it’s easily readable and that it blends in well with the other elements of the logo... Finally, your creative brief should include the exact deadline you have for the project. Previously you created a timeline for the deliverables, so you’ve probably already mentioned the deadline, but include it once again to make sure there are no misunderstandings. One thing that can happen regarding your desired timeline is that it’s not realistic considering the work that needs to be done. Be open to listening to the designer’s concerns regarding this and to define a new deadline that’s more attainable... After reading everything you should include in your logo design brief, you might be wondering if there’s any space left for creativity from the designer’s part. Even though it seems like the document might restrict the designer, we can assure you that it does nothing more than guiding them. When it comes to creativity, it’s on you to be open to the ideas that they create based on the information you provided them with. So our advice is that you make sure that your business objectives are being taken into consideration...........