Fre$h Prince (Prod. The Concept)

Published by Cam James

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The Concept's 2nd single from his upcoming "Orange Soda: The 90's EP". Sampling a 90's classic from the UK, this is the first in a duo of Fresh Prince-themed tracks from the tape. The EP: ---------- Verse 1 I remember way back in California when I first heard The Chronic I was 10 (hah) I had to make amends, for my lack of knowledge on hip hop, so I'm payin' homage real music disappearing like the Sonics before I lyrically vomited I was just a youngin' wit a desire for J's, that shit was like validation nothin' but classic R&B on the radio stations plus the hip hop, that got me inspired, my motivation was Nas, Rakim, LL Cool, stayin' afterschool bumpin' Kriss Kross at the gym, BBD at the pool back when wearin' Reebok was respectable, remember that? Clinton era, when all the houses went to Democrats before my Timberlands, Osh Kosh back when Pete would Rock MJ in Space Jam, whole world was sneaker shocked championship number 4 coincided wit Independence Day my favorite movie, same year that 'Pac passed away and the pastor say, try to learn from ya past, right I'm tryna help a game recoverin' from gas lights my generation known for technology, and I done seen enough shit to blow your mind I feel like Socrates Fresh Chorus What ya know about me over 21 and I ain't showin' ID backpack strap loose, no bottle still I got juice rockin' Jumpmans over my feet Wake up... get it together n I raise up runnin' shit, I gotta keep the pace up trust I got my J's and they laced up Verse 2 Suburbs in LA, that's traffic wit no valet, lookin' for them rich folks, Beverly Hills is that way modest means, actin' out and chasin' childish dreams and thirteen years later, nigga I'm doin' the same..thing and I still got that N, 64 on deck I been bidin' my, time, and relivin' it through these rhymes while exercisin' fantasies runnin' through all these dimes it was My Brother And Me, remember the slide we used to climb backwards? them clothes, always hand me downs until we grow why the hell Bishop shot up Raheem, I don't really knoowww Juice got arrested, same time, my homie sent me Naughty By Nature instrumentals, so they could Feel Me Flow this that decade that made a nigga, schoolyard fights and we was too bad for babysitters, had everything I could ask for can't pretend to be po', ask anybody I grew up with, I was friendly before everything changed...future still most promising in the house I found this rap shit, lost it like pennies up in the couch, chillin' out, hoopin' after school, beatboxin' on desks no doubt, 90's was better, now I'm out to be the best nigga fresh Air Jordan 11's, errybody rocked 'em from the hoes to the reverends y'all remember those, every day was like an episode of the best shows, fiendin' to get the best of clothes I, reminisce on, the decade that built me up afternoons outside, one on one