The Martyrs (Prod. Taz Taylor)

Published by Cam James

  • 1 credits

The struggle continues. ------------ Verse 1 Yeah, man I wanna talk to Martin Luther King's father or one of Malcolm X's daughters, while pushin' the dream farther wonder if they saw the martyrs a manifestation of death, and we know for sure that Red saw it comin' still spoke, I woulda got to runnin', braver man than be the face of your entire race, same race you runnin' while they gunnin', dictatin' the pace and the powers that be, of the same skin color want you dead imagine that, counterproductive like runnin' in place I'm bringin' this up, 'cause the youngins don't read enough and i'm bugggin' that mean they stuck n a cycle of cleanin' up from previous generations and the prejudice that's still around how the hell you so far off the ball but yet you still in bounds we constantly locked in the dark, I feel around for that light switch, since 1950 a million drowned white chicks screamin' rape, and a teenager got popped in his back but somehow that death sentence still a debate, I'm never participatin' in the politics from here forth just empowerin' executives tweetin' from clearports about how they so different from they predecessors, like they went left, but look we out here takin' several rights I done read my rights, so niggas can't Miranda me under the canopy, trees of knowledge, just tryna plant my seed the Virgin Mary's mammaries, distractin' me cut niggas off at the knees, all the back stabbin' I can't believe Chorus So die while they love you, (or live long enough) to see yourself become the villain, (you think you strong enough) to withstand, foes suck you in like quicksand thank God, I'm tall enough, and if a nigga die I'm fallin' up (2x) Shoutout to Tupac Shakur nigga sure he made some bad moves, but I bet the motives pure nigga showed me what emotion can do...when you seen so many people struggle through them long nights, just to wake up, in the morning to unpaid bills, or mislaid deals and shady situations you facin' as that nigga wit aspirations to get beyond the skirt chasin', movin' free basin' ways of compadres, they whole life stuck on the basic, face it It's findin' somethin' outside yo clique or set that's worth dyin' for, put the work in and you get finesse me... I got a knack for makin' words picturesque n lightin' minds up, until niggas blind like discoteques but what does that really mean tho... I got a roof over my head and plenty clean clothes, so I guess I'm straight then outspoken since I was a toddler up in my playpen it's amazin', 'cause a nigga been ready to die since age 10 Chorus so when you blast this song keep in mind that you wasn't supposed to last this long I bet you thinkin' you different n you man enough think you standin' up, but you just layin' in yo casket wrong, uh Got Emmett Till in my thoughts when, these white women advance to touch these black hands it's exhaustin' in the bright lights skin darkens, pardon harshn