Queens (Prod. Rocwell)

Published by Cam James

  • 1 credits

With maturity comes the responsibility to stand up to my faults. ---------- Everybody makin' mistakes...tryna make amends... Yeah In my openin' moments, let me send out vocal atonement for my mistakes it's grippin' my chest, holdin' my breath it's hard to intake all the girls that loved me I left 'em, college chicks, model types hoodrats with tracks over 20 like mixtapes too young to make commitments 'cause all I wanted was Netflix and sexin' for Christmas no matter what they did, I was still remainin' indifferent tryna find a way out without controversy, lawd have mercy I'm fallin' victim every time them eyes got teary 'cause they ain't understand me, I left 'em hangin' without a contingency or plan B ashamed to say I saved a couple hoes from bein' basic my persona was iron man and I ain't talkin' Stanley ain't have no one to reprimand me, 600 miles from my family thinkin' I'm some type of player not even close in fact, feelin' like Bruce Wayne after the broken back 'cause all my exes had me in they prayers I guess it's safe to say it now Chorus All of y'all was right n I was wrong, nights I sit and think about all my sins, be feelin' long ladies, y'all some queens n you slipped, let a Joker hit, slide up in ya deck what I did was disrespect can y'all forgive? so I can live...so I can live I was just a kid Verse 2 Just in case y'all ain't heard it, I'm better now, older, wiser, got more patience well, maybe not patience, but I notice when she paints her nails see all the little things she does to keep me happy like sendin' me smiley faces and rubbin' my neck exactly right even in arguments try to keep my statements mad polite she knows I can pull 'em, ain't stressin' over my acolytes 'cause women want me like men be blowin' her phone up, that's mutual, just like the trust is, don't even have to fight I love her confidence, monumental common sense distaste for fraudulent people had that in common since the day we met, I almost wanna rewind like a tape cassette it only got better wit' time, and I got the same regrets that I had to do so many women wrong, to reach this point I feel like I could write 'bout 20 songs but take this, as my love letter, for the love I ruined I woulda delivered this in person, but the line was long guess I can say it now Chorus It always starts the same you catch my eye and I catch yours we talk and I get ya name but how many of your friends was sayin, "girl he no good don't talk to him he played me" I'm sure that's spinnin' through your thoughts, thinkin' about that daily but I promise somethin' good came outta yo pain, I learned how to love, provin' to y'all that even I can change my momma raised me to treat women like queens, livin' up to that found the right one to keep me on track, I think I'm out the game Queens. #audio #The Concept #Queens #The #Concept #Rocwell #LBMG #Forgive #So #I #Can #Live #Exes #Love #RB #2014 #Original