Divide feat. Niecy Blues (Prod. Lexi Banks)

Published by Cam James

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I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the very talented Niecy Blues last week, a singer the world needs to hear. Look out for her EP "Love Autobahn" droppin' May 16th. Her SoundCloud: @NiecyBlues Her Twitter: https://www.twine.net/signin/NiecyBlues ------------ [Niecy Blues] I know it's some things I done wrong that made you question if I'm even the one but don't let me down love, don't let me down no, cause I know that what we have no one can divide no one, no one it's heavy love so let's just fall even further, further I know you been playin' games forever, ever, ever you never lose, no no but don't be afraid to, afraid to lose [The Concept] You know that I got my pride... real talk, baby I ain't afraid of much, scooped you up in this ride, we been cruisin' waitin' all day to touch, I see the pain in yo' eyes, but I done grown up thinkin' 'bout commitment, I froze up you was that bad girl I liked back then, witcho wack friends that don't know us we both changed, still I guess you know how that rain feel, n my brain filled wit' yo face, body in lace, heels that may break me down I got my music, and the bass pounds when yo song comes on, turn down for that ya ex man, moved pound sacks I'm the nigga that gave yo' crown back we done found cracks, gotta talk about it, cause I know my lady better than I know these chickens, they tryin' to get it and some of 'em crazy you got 'bout 100 reasons you can't trust me, I know it but the funny thing about poets my verse ain't done, but you already thinkin' 'bout comin' back to me in the mornin', so if you want me I'm yours, if not imma move on one day this love game ain't no joke, nobody told me I could lose off one play in the back seat of that Hyundai, in the front of the church, the same thing my homie, lover, my friend first, comin' back to that same dream come get it Chorus [The Concept] Can't let 'em divide what we made we got promise baby 'cause that's for us to decide you be thinkin' I got the ladies maybe it's time to revise what you want, and how much you love me we good together we ride, good together we ride, yeah yeah we done been divided been a cold world, when we split up, but baby I decided I can't front, baby, can't kiss up, nah I done been derided, fuck what yo friends say, they can't measure up cause we good together we ride, good together we ride yeah #audio #The Concept #The #Concept #Niecy #Blues #Divide #RB #2014 #Music #Lexi #Banks #Groove #Sung #Duet #Smooth #Singer #Fire #AfraidToLose #Crazy #Banger #Rap #HipHop #Ride #Collab