Made For It (Prod. Uzo)

Published by Cam James

  • 1 credits

This is the most fun I've had makin' a song to date. Crazy how the simplest ideas require the most work. Took around 30 takes to get these three verses...but it's worth it. ------------ Verse 1 [The Concept] Uh let me take y'all back to 1990 came out my momma, cold, pops said I was tiny operatin' room had blinded me deafenin' cries, reachin' out sonically to doctors, nurses, get me out of emergency gotta start my Odyssey Cameron James, gifted as far as brains'll go changin' flow, redefinin' the make and mold this ain't no rapper shit, walkin' the path of Lazarus resurrected by tracks, competition's inadequate back to my life, had a flag on the back of my bike flashin' lights when I rode at night, and I got a lashin' despite my fixation with solitude, I always had to move and leave all of my friends, frustrated, deposited thoughts in my pen I was tossin' at ten, vivid nightmares of my fate pictured bein' alone in a senior home, and I'm wide awake music provides the stake to put through, these blood suckers 'bout to find a cape, thinkin' we peers? That's an honest mistake, cause I was made for it Steve: Not all rappers are created equal. You got your hustlers, gangsters, silly rappin' wanksters... professional simpers, some whose best tracks are made for strippers.. Then there are those who dedicate themselves to the game... They learn all they can, and bring their own flavor to the music. Those are the ones that stick around. Verse 2 [The Concept] Yup feelin' kinda sorta like Bobby Brown minus the white, I got my Whitney in flight lonely and God gifted, lookin' down at the lobby like, considerin' takin' that express, elevator down I'm dressed for death, n a business meetin' at the same time, an arranged crime, basslines savin' my life I'm writin' no gun in my mouth, more like Walter White wit' the ricin easy out is enticin', been workin' too hard for nothin' I'm fightin', feelin' like a slab of Dyson wit' Tyson punchin' ain't sacrificin' nothin', always knew I'd be great at somethin' this for my niggas clockin' in and workin' late at Dunkin' my former teammates that got locked up, but they great at dunkin' but unless you 7 foot, ain't much that you can say to Duncan that anger Spurs to me to figure eight wit' my words remember fightin' my granddad, tried to take me to church but I ain't wanna go, ever since 14 I been on a rope, tryin' not to hang, promise I'm not insane I'm just made for it Steve: Annnd furthermore, following trends isn't in the job description, when you want to be the greatest. You've got to blaze your own path, ensuring you step outside of your creative box, and work with people who complement your music. It's amazing that more artists don't know these things. It's all publicly accessible information, personally I found it at the library. Verse 3 [The Concept] As far as hip hop, I'm focusin' on Blu-rays, y'all Magnavox, spit platitudes