Waves (Prod. Namanda Beats)

Published by Cam James

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Who says a song about sex...can't be complex? Your introduction to Cam James. https://www.twine.net/signin/CamJamesMusic https://www.twine.net/signin/CamJamesLife ---------- I swear that I'm dreamin' about pink clouds, on that lean I'm about 5 pumps from valhalla, my left arm strapped up the whole needle is out got ecstacy in my veins now, but to be honest it's really methamphetamine ventricles to my heart plugged up while she reminisce on 3 better fiends loyal customers, repeat buys movin' that product to defeat guys good reputation, blaze that amazin' she got the strap and a 3D eye CGI, PCP n imma freely fly on top of the world panties n lace, my face in between, and the taste got that crack rock for the girl yo chick showin' back shots to the world mine let it drip like acid behind closed, doors openin' when you keep ya mouth, shut pop bottles on trips to Milano's one day, imma trick on her, why not she done put it on me all night, no watch no clothes I ain't had to spend much for the touch lifted, trade that nut for the dutch and I got you Verse 2 Right move that ass in the light think about my past I'm laughin' despite my stamina, gettin' tested she ain't one to mess wit', can't breathe talkin' asbestos, pimp ponytail pulled from the back like hemp got elbows to the floor take this over that ocean of hoes take d*** til' about four in the mo' these shots hypodermic little bit of pain but she likes the hurtin' scratch my back cause she need a hit, a nigga packin' sacks when I meet the lips cops try lockin' I plead the fifth we was parkin' lot smashin' goin' in hard from the back n car rockin', windows slappin' nigga whipped I'm done wit' the mackin' straight hooked, got drugs in her look like look, grabbin' on cups I'm drownin' pop some ephedrine and a little morphine we about to go up and down in listenin' to my shit while I'm up in that bend it over touch toes, n I'm comin' back blow trees on the beach wit a down chick decent, reason to get a nigga deep in like waves #audio #Cam James #Waves #NamandaB #Original #HipHop #Rap #2014 #Complex #Smooth #Lyrical