The Martyrs Pt. II (Prod. TheTrackAddictz)

Published by Cam James

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#NoPeace Part I: --- This one's for the martyrs, I can hear you talkin' we been layin' rest to peers, way too often man it seem like every week we got another victim that I heard about, silencin' these writers gon' get the murders out can't face my neighbors they ain't got no reason to give one flying fuck when my face in the papers coulda been my brother, son, homies man can't shake my labels 'cause I got a bar code when I came out try to lock me up, or just lay me out my future shit I can't play 'bout cops, better call they K-9 they life worth more than a nigga, right? see 25 we may not 'cause the wrong cops pull triggers, like Wilson off, reckless remind me of Texas the way he was gunnin' you the one that got the gun to my stomach, why you pump the lead when I'm runnin', huh? y'all brothers like my brothers, that melanin different why they endin' up on these altars, thrown under the prison every neighborhood it's like a track meet when they spot the cruisers ain't no coming back, no such thing as winnin' when you shot the losers muhh fucka No Peace (3x) We got two generations wit' they eyes closed battlin' n grip Bibles they ain't got the answers Malcolm gone, took Martin out, we ain't got the Panthers what's next for us? I see the pics up on Instagram, y'all flex for it better take the noise to they neighborhood tear gas in they backdoors we done tried waiting, marched in silence and we held hands, y'all started violence got fuckin' tanks on our city streets pointin' rifles, don't start the lyin' I seen the footage, reminiscent of the Jim Crow when them tensions blow years ago, I got confirmation when my cousin copped to ten years for dro it ain't fuckin' right... give it to ya straight, I can't be polite it ain't workin', to all the parents been hurtin', keep ya heads up, it is worth it 'cause in the end times, we got revelations preparations, been headed for it blasphemous in my purpose got new commandments, reject the lord's one eye for an eye...we all blind hope you keepin' yo word...when it's time #audio #Cam James #The #Martyrs #Pt #II #TheTrackAddictz #Ferguson #Mike #Brown #Revolution #NoPeace #2014 #Original #Message