Cold Genius (Prod. Salva & Nick Hook) | Old English Remix

Published by Cam James

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Allow me to re-introduce this track. Young Thug - "Old English" feat. Freddie Gibbs & ASAP Ferg: --- Verse 1 Yeah in case you ain't noticed, my name got a lil' bit bigger feel like I'm flyin', no lotus more critics, pressure, money I feel like I am the POTUS conducted surveillance on my role models secrets decoded uhh yo momma bought both of my records (nice) imma take that throne if it go unprotected trust me, been around the world and roughly half of my wreckless actions matchin' the racks I get snatched out my jacket word up to Sallie, Mae I politely tell yoouuu to suck all the dicks it had me, down moments from pullin' triggers to call it quits wit phony rounds, love women, chicken biscuits and linen too much to go out like Kurt, can't bring my people no hurt nahh 3 stacks in the bank, synthesizers and stealin' wheels jungles humblin' stomach rumble, hustle been feelin' real the millis will, fill an Escalade wit' some xanies and pop one for every time they give Igloo a fuckin' grammy my skills ain't no second hand me down they done shot my brothers in cold blood we like Bambi now probably don't understand me now got up on the playlists of these perpetually stannin' clowns killin' shit, drop a drumline n I'll pull them cannons out genius Hook 800 rappers I body call that elevator down, comin up from the lobby yall brought them Nerf guns, bust up in the booth wit the shotty they tryna wipe out the motion homie can't nobody find me where yo hustle at cause mine on a hunnid yeah where yo struggle at cause mine on a hunnid y'all keep on touchin back n mine on a hunnid where yo hustle at cause mine on a hunnid Verse 2 Yeah imma play the background when I smackdown these raps bound to blow up make that Shaq sound when I dunk, spit that crack out, don't stunt yo girl been eyein', lyin' talmbout she shoppin', been buyin' lotta Vicky's Secret shit, you found them receipts n you cryin' my condolences bruh, treat her legs like rappers I'm holdin' 'em up trips overseas, wake up to cream like Folgers Deluxe but, do I really want that life? it's supposed to be lush paparazzi snappin' shit ain't bout rappin' no longer is it? these scriptures make atheists get religious this track for the friendly firin' haters that shit malicious eatin' yo humble pie ain't no bitin' my shit delicious tryna rep for them youngins, good luck, got a couple conditions what you do it for? Hook Verse 3 I am not no average y'all need to get ya bars up n hit me on some rapper shit quick shoutout to Thugger, man I had to straight attack it, this ain't common, it's miraculous, got more comin' sit back n listen I am Cam James #audio #Cam James #Young #Thug #ASAP #Ferg #Freddie #Gibbs #Old #English #Salva #Nick #Hook #Mass #Appeal #Remix #Cover #2015 #Rap #Cold #Genius