Dj S-kam Zac - Amen in HD 10- Dj S-kam Zac ( The Christmas & 2015 Finale Edition )

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As we approach Christmas and the close of the year i would like to present to you with Amen in HD 10 -The Christmas and 2015 Finale edition that features some of the finest songs of the year 2015,some bonus tracks and a good collection of urban Gospel music. Our Featured artist for this Edition is Licy-Be, a spoken word and rap/hip hop artist who aims to inspire, encourage and empower! ,she is an emerging, New Zealand born, Australia based Spoken Word & Rap Artist who released her first Spoken Word music video in support of World Suicide Prevention Day 18 months ago. Her featured song on Amen in HD 10 is called Dreamer where she features A Realist. #music #audio #rap #DJ