Victor Gutierrez - Andromeda (Original Mix)

Published by Victor Gutierrez

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Hope you enjoy my new song!!!! Thanks for all the support!!! :-D News people!!! To all producers out there!!! I invite you to send me your songs to be played in the podcast, all you have to do is to send it to this mail: and add any page you have (either Facebook, twitter, etc.) to tag you if your in the episode!!!! I would make a selection, just for you to know!!!! (I will personally hear them). I´m proud to say that previous episode of The Victor Gutierrez Radio held position 24 in the rave chart for a whole week!!! I´m really thankful for all your support!!! Any doubts??? Ask me!!! Or Tweet me!!! I will answer!!! Mixcloud: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: #audio #Dance EDM #EDM #Electro #House #DANCE #Andromeda #Original #Mix #Victor #Gutierrez #Rave #VG01