Queen B

Published by Domo .

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QUEEN B down I see right thru you yeah Verse:1 Queen's Down She vulnerable now Ugh Time to expose your fake ass Haha and show the fucking world how you truly are ughhh Little miss Christian Haha That's a lie I'll call you Satan 69 I can see right thru your fucking lies Yo I know your secrets Don't fucking test me You would want me to leek that shit It's really fucking messy! Better fucking run when you see me come I expose bitches like you just for fun Verse 2: I can feel your hatred let it out! You reigns over bitch Domo the fucking king now You ain't shit you think you know it all You a clueless fucking hoe who buts in to shit where she dont belong Fuck you queen b You Menipulating Bitch Your a talentless hoe With a heart of fucking stone You disgust me You ugly ass Bitch With that face of pig I pray you fucking burn bitch Haha #audio #domo #queen #b #rap #pop #diss #diss #rap