Darker Sounds Remix Contest Winners

Published by Darker Sounds

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Ok so after listening to over 100 submissions, these are the remixes i have chosen to be released along side my original track "Hefty - Hate & Destruction" 1. DARYL - https://www.twine.net/signin 2. BLUE KEY - https://www.twine.net/signin 3. FRAKTION - https://www.twine.net/signin 4. STEVIE ROSE - https://www.twine.net/signin 5. DRUGS OF TECHNOLOGY - https://www.twine.net/signin 6. REMY-X - https://www.twine.net/signin 7. SASCHA LOBECK & TIMAO - https://www.twine.net/signin https://www.twine.net/signin If you did not win, then you can give your track away for FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RELEASE ON ANOTHER LABEL WITHOUT MY STRICT PERMISSION!!!!! Big thanks to everyone who took part, i hope you enjoyed it :) https://www.twine.net/signin #audio #Darker Sounds remix Contest Winners #darker #sounds #dark #techno #dark #minimal #techno