Harvey Miller Aka Dj Speedy (Wobbly Pancake)

Published by Harvey Miller

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Harvey Miller an accomplished music producer selling over 28 million albums with Beyoncé, Nelly, Outkast to name a few. Currently Iam a producer signed with Universal Music, as well as A&R under Bang Village label. I’ve produced music for notable brands like; Pepsi, Chevy and Budweiser. Now crossed over to EDM. I’m well versed in all genres of EDM. I have the unique ability to collaborate with the top artists is another aspect that makes me unique in the ever changing world of EDM music. However, its my intense sound and live experience that's contagious as a EDM DJ/ Artist. #audio #Dubstep #dj #producer #dub #trap #music #djspeedy #dubstep #rave #Music #electronic