Trailer for "Stilts on the Water" Music Video

Published by Justin McPhee

  • 1 credits

I worked on and off for several months in late 2020 with a group of indie musicians called Tailor Birds. They created a 40-minute song, “Stilts on the Water”, and they wanted a video inspired by the painterly CD cover and the idea of chaos, the struggles and the positive change which can come from it. This would play over the full length of the song. Drawing from the cover art and the song’s soft, eclectic sounds, I worked extensively with them to create a dreamlike, relaxing worldscape, using imagery to convey a subtle story of dealing with repressed grief, coming to terms with forgotten memories and moving on to newfound possibilities. Using provided paintings, drawings and independently-sourced stock footage, these were heavily edited and mixed together to form painterly, Monet-inspired collages which gradually drift into different scenes. While there was much back-and-forth between each other, we eventually created a full animation which exceeded their expectations and created something “beautiful”. As a result, they would send it to the Melbourne International Animation Festival, and I was brought on to create a trailer for social media channels. It has been well-received so far. The full video has been completed, but not released yet.