EWAN HOOZAMI - Skin Too Deep (Radio Edit)

Published by Ewan Hoozami

  • 1 credits

All music and vocals written and performed by Ewan Hoozami with Brendan 'B-Dub' White on guitar. Almost no samples were used in the creation of this track. 'Nice stuff!' - Mark Rae (Grand Central Records) “DJ, Producer, Vocalist”… Ewan Hoozami forgot to mention ‘bloody genius’ on his Emerging Icons profile it seems. The London-based artist couldn’t have come to our attention at a better time really- while the whole of the internet still seems to be belching the words ‘Daft Punk’ from every social media orifice, a tune like ‘Skin Too Deep’ is bound to settle well. He’s dubbed his fresh blend of electronica, funk and hip hop as ‘Robot Soul’. Think…. C-3P0 getting a bit gangster to some sexy beats in an impossibly cool nightclub by the light of a glitterball. Awesome, right? While we love the fact he’s so eclectic, creative and prone to dabbling in a plethora of samples; we really should also big up the inventive nature of this fella’s stage name. If it’s not clicked quite yet, try reading ‘Ewan Hoozami’ out loud. See? Genius" #audio #Disco Funk