Gerald Ross
Bryan, United States
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First off, my name is Gusto. But, about me. Well listen to my music to get the details. Lol… Nah, but I’m 26. I’ve been rappin since I was 13 yrs old. I grew up listening to all kinds of music. It’s what I love. To go even further, I enjoy being creative. That’s why I rap and make pics in a graphic design form. I’m from Bryan, Ohio. Northwest corner of the state, 419 area code. I started out in other schools, but ended back in bryan. I got picked on a lot. Mainly started bcuz I was the new kid that nobody liked. Then it was bcuz i was a white rapper. The fact of me starting to get picked on got me to start. I use to write little things that I was mad about. And it didn’t actually start bein raps until I was a few mths into it. It was jus me and letting my feelings out on a peice of paper. I was 13. Wasn’t until I was 15 when I had my 1st cd. I can’t remember any songs. But I know that it didn’t sound very good. Lol. It was on a computer with a 5$ walmart microphone. But I was proud of it. By the time I was 17, I formed a group called 3TR (3 Times Ruthless) with 2 friends. One still raps, Rey Jama. After 3TR, Rey and I ended up creating a group called 2MC (2 Many Cats). I got 2MC from a dude nicknamed “Plim” on a DJ Green Lantern website. Plim helped me learn how to rap. He taught me to look at how people format there rhymes. Wordplay, vocab, metaphors, punclines, and flow. On that website, the people was the judges. So I’d be able to learn off of what was labeled “Good”. Plim is from Great Britain, and me in Ohio. But we did jus alil group thing on the site. 2MC was the name. My final record was 8-5 with one 1 tie. At the time I went by Renegade A.K.A. Nyne. Renegade I got from a chick I met on yahoo messenger. She lived in St Louis, MO. But we would get on yahoo chat and spit verses on the mic. Her name was Hyponitcal. She gave me the name, Bcuz when we would battle. I wouldn’t let up. I’d keep goin. But she said to spell it with and “E” bcuz I’m different. Nyne, I still use and adopted bcuz of something personal that happened when I was 9 yrs old. Well that website and the chat rooms got overran by bots. So it was a few other websites while messaging still at least. In the meantime, I kinda like fled to Wisconsin. Then lived in Cleveland for 6 months. It wasn’t until 2008 when I was 19 and met my Friend/Mentor Dijitaal. That I had been part of a new cd dropping called 419 D-Boyz Vol 1. I didn’t start to record again until the beginning of 2013. What had happened in the mean time was the fast lane life and a 10 mth trip to prison. 2011, I had drug trafficking with marijuana and Robbery (Labeled Robbery, but wasn’t technically robbery.). I got out on my judicial. While on the inside, it ended up clearing my mind. Got bored, so tried rapping again. But I had figured that since I was older and kind of a newer person, since I been through a lot more. I needed to change my name and I changed it to Gusto. Which I got from a close fried bcuz of how good I was at juggling so many activities I had goin on in my everyday life. 2012 , I mainly jus wrote rhymes. & in 2013, I got an iPhone and recorded my first 20 something tracks with the MultiTrack DAW app. I have used a mic on a few. Since I’ve started bein good at design, I’ve started doin cover photos. I ain’t no “Gangsta” rapper. I am from a small town. But small town or not, if walls could talk. I’d be in prison for a real long time. I’m only 45 mins from two city’s (Ft Wayne, Indiana & Toledo, Ohio). And with that, I got involved with a lot, while turning around and doin a lot But I’ve never been a coward, I’ve always kept it 110% real. So I’m not ashamed of anything that I’ve said or did. I’m jus the kind of rapper who says what’s on his mind. What my raps contains, I’ve had happen to me, I’m willing to take it there. All my stories can be backed up. I’m no hardass and I won’t act like one. But I got credibility. May not be a hardass, but I also don’t give a fuuuucck!!!

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