Label design and visual marketing for a winery

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Our services: graphic design, corporate design, label design, packaging design, layout, text, final artwork, production data, branding, visual marketing, coaching, repositioning Our activities: labeling, packaging, corporate identity, stationary, price lists, classic advertising - - - - - - - A winery rich in tradition is preparing for the future. The wide range of wines and sparkling wines has positioned itself well in the highly competitive market. The change from a producer to a bottler a few years ago was an important strategic step. Instead of producing fewer wines from its own vineyards, the estate today is systematically expanding the richness of taste of the most varied regional grape varieties to produce full-bodied wines with an excellent price/performance ratio. But the market is in a state of upheaval. Young winegrowers compose wines with innovative qualities. International destinations vie for the favor of buyers, who now find an impressive assortment even in supermarkets. Consumers are becoming younger and more demanding. Today wine is not only enjoyed; it is celebrated and staged. We are tasked with rejuvenating the brand and giving the products an unmistakable face. In the course of our development work, our approaches are increasingly condensing into a break with traditional label design. Instead of heraldic confusion, a striking color code, a phonetic abbreviation and a number dominate the new appearance. [tse:] stands for cuvée wines, [ku:] for premium wines or white wines depending on the color base, [es] for sparkling wines and [er] for red or rosé wines depending on the color base. The number indicates the respective product. In the brightened footer you will find the legally required information on vintage, grape variety, growing area, etc. At the same time, we no longer position the company as a winery, but as a wine manufactory and use the positive and in the industry innovative definition of the term manufactory to bring the traditional wine craft and the elaborate process of maturing sophisticated wines more clearly into focus. The new color and design concept is gradually being incorporated into the new overall appearance. #graphicdesigner #logo #branding