Sales promotion for premium writing instruments (concept study)

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Our services: graphic design, illustration, calligraphy, concept, layout dummy Our activities: marketing strategy, realization concept - - - - - - - High-quality writing instruments are the means of expression of a demanding personality. As unique as one's own handwriting is the feeling that a elaborately finished nib can create while putting the writer's thoughts to paper. The classic fountain pen, spurned since school days, is experiencing a new renaissance, especially in times of ever-increasing digitalization. Thanks to its high precision craftsmanship and its impressive sensory value, it is able, like virtually no other tool, to lend the written word an almost literary quality. Against this background, calligraphy, the individual expressiveness of the handwriting, comes to the fore in this creative study. Extensively staged, the style, form and content merge to form a work of art full of passion and grace. The large-format catalogue concept consciously takes the product back in order to leave the greatest possible scope to the product benefit. Even the imaginary brand consistently develops its personality from the play of typographic forms. All calligraphic details come from our pen. So it is just a matter of logic not to create the branding on the fountain pens digitally but conventionally by hand. #graphicdesigner #illustrator

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