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    uniE603 Yuuki Sakai NWR Podcast 076
    NWR Podcast 076, time to Yuuki Sakai. 62 min Live set. Enjoy and see u Next Week >>>>>>> More about the artist: soundcloud.com/user5515732 residentadvisor.net/dj/yuukisakai Cover design: Jaime BenCruz facebook.com/pages/Jaime-Bencruz #audio #Yuuki Sakai #NWR #nextweekrecords #NWR #Podcast #Techno #Amsterdam #Techno #JapanWW
    uniE603 Unjin NWR Podcast 096
    Time for NWR Podcast 096, set selected and mixed by Unjin (ECI Korea / vurt.), originally from Seoul, Korea. Founder of Korea’s first techno label- E.C.I Korea and as leader of East Collective, a live techno team. Moved to Canada in 1997 and since then, he has been releasing music and participating in many different projects including sound installations, movie sound tracks,theater music, workshops in both Korea and Canada. Currently Unjin is holding a residency at club vurt in Seoul, Korea and touring the world including Ministry of Sound in UK, Zouk in Singapore, Ultra Japan in Tokyo and, ℅ Pop in Germany. Tracklist: 01. Earthen Sea - Venus 02. Earthen Sea - Opaque Oasis 03. Yuka - Chinese Tango [Fullpanda Records] 04. Dorisburg - Splade [Northern Electronics] 05. Kris Dubinsky - Dunkla former [Kabalion Records] 06. Dasha Rush - Comme la neige (Alkan Remix) [Hypnotic Room] 07. Evigt Mörker - Sol som får tidens hjul att stå stilla 08. Rodhad - Im Glanz des Mondes [Dystopian] 09. Stephanie Sykes - Purplex [Full Panda Records] 10. Marco Shuttle - Alpha [Semantica Records] 11. Dasha Rush - Dance With Edgar Poe [Raster-Noton] 12. Inigo Kennedy - Requiem (Efdemin 'Journey To The Stars' Mix) [Token] 13. Eric Lemuet - Aho (Tanov Remix) [Freshliss Music] 14. Michal Wolski - The Mountain [International Day Off] 15. Stefan Vincent - Doubtful Sentient [Dynamic Reflection] 16. Shlomo - Avadon (Part 1) (Antigone Remix) [Wolfskuil Records] More about the artist: SC: soundcloud.com/unjin RA: residentadvisor.net/dj/unjin FB: facebook.com/pages/Unjin/262403818533 YT: youtube.com/channel/UClBYif3A0NLCSts7I6BxyLw Cover design by Carlos Escobar Njoy the set >>>>>> #audio #Unjin #Techno #NWR #NWR #Podcast #Techno #PodcastWW
    uniE603 Somaticae NWR Podcast 099
    Time for NWR Podcast 099, set selected and mixed by Somaticae French Dj and Producer. Tracklist: 1. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson - Jupiter 2. Toshimaru Nakamura - Nimb#9 3. Yannick Dauby - Screaming 4. France Sauvage -L'enfant Dilaté 5. Joel Vandroogenbroeck- Informatique 6. Opéra Mort - La secte d'Anaïs 7. C_C - No 2 8. Muslimgauze - Sleeping Fundamentalist 9. Adachi Tomomi - Voice, Infrared Sensor Shirt, Computer 10. Run Dust - Bred To Shop 11. Shophie - L.O.V.E 12. Pete Swanson - Face The Music 13. Oval - Par More about the artist: SC: soundcloud.com/somaticae RA: residentadvisor.net/dj/somaticae FB: facebook.com/pages/Somaticae Enjoy the set and see u Next Week >>>>> Cover Design by Carlos Escobar #audio #Somaticae #NWR #NWR #Podcast #NWR #Podcast #099 #ExperimentalWW
    uniE603 Soolee NWR Podcast 073
    NWR Podcast 073 with Soolee Dj, Producer, Sound Designer and Media Artist,Born in South Korea. Head of More than Less & Less n Less Records. More about the artist: RA: residentadvisor.net/dj/soolee SC: soundcloud.com/soolee Cover Design: Jaime Bencruz #audio #Soolee #Techno #Jaime #BenCruz #Southkorea #Amsterdam #Seoul #nextweekrecords #NWRWW
    uniE603 Ricardo Carmona NWR Podcast 091
    Time for NWR Podcast 091 mixed by Ricardo Carmona Dj and producer from Medellin, Colombia. Tracklist: 2000 and one - Kawasaki Johannes Heil y Markus Suckut - Exile 003 A Layton Giordani - People & things Luigi Madonna - Le Ly Land Rob Hes - Battlefield ROD - Distance Spartaque - Revenge ( Agent Orange rmx) Tony Dee - Slave Ricardo Carmona - Bell Skober - Resonator Elbodrop - Free (M.I.T.A. rmx) Jel Ford - Overcast Niereich - Take me somewhere nice ø Phase - Flyby / Falling Pierre Deutschman - Env 1 Samuel L Session - Detuned More about the artist: SC: soundcloud.com/ricardocarmona FB: facebook.com/Ricardo.C.Richie #audio #Ricardo Carmona #NWR #NWR #Podcast #TechnoWW
    uniE603 Israel Toledo NWR Podcast 088
    Time for NWR Podcast 088 with Israel Toledo one of the most mexican exported techno djs and producers. More about the artist: SC: soundcloud.com/israeltoledo FB: facebook.com/Israel-ToledoAssassin-Soldier-Recordings YT: youtube.com/user/israeltoledo Cover design by Carlos Escobar Njoy and see u NextWeek>>>> #audio #Israel Toledo #Techno #NWR #NWR #PodcastWW
    uniE603 Below Surface NWR Podcast 085
    Time for NWR Podcast 085 with Below Surface. Below Surface is the german Berlin based DJ, liveact, producer and label owner of Be Sure. Over the past years Below Surface has been especially energetic and focused. Only one year after his first dubtechno- and house release on the german Nulectric Records he managed to finish and sign several more artist releases on international operating labels like Advanced and Advanced White from Berlin, Next Week Records from Amsterdam, Mize from Marseille, Tekseven from Belfast and Love International from Kuala Lumpur. Focusing on darker and faster but decent techno, he was selected and honored to perform in established venues such as Tresor Berlin, Sugarfactory Amsterdam, The Great Wall of China (YinYang Festival), Midi Festival Shanghai and Spring Scream Festival Kenting, Taiwan. Tracklist: 01. Below Surface - Ancient Dynasties - Be Sure 02. Daribow - Immortal Soul - Dystopian 03. Secluded - Delusional (Lewis Fautzi Remix) - Soma Records 04. Movin Thoughts - Psilocybine - Dynamic Reflection 05. Art's Difficult - Smear - Be Sure 06. Below Surface - Getaway - Be Sure 07. Florian Bo - Keep the Pressure (Below Surface Remix) - Unreleased 08. Tension - Simple Discourse - Be Sure 09. Lewis Fautzi - Binary - Soma Records 10. Alfredo Guadalti - Stationary Orbit - Shout Records Limited 11. Kevin de Vries - Platon - Arts 12. Deepbass - Dune - Soma Records 13. Below Surface - Ended Exile - Be Sure More about the artist: SC: soundcloud.com/belowsurface RA: residentadvisor.net/dj/belowsurface FB: facebook.com/belowsurfaceofficial YT: youtube.com/user/belowsurfacemedia RA: residentadvisor.net/dj/belowsurface Njoy and see u NextWeek>>>>>>> #audio #Below Surface #Techno #NWRWW
    uniE603 Hydrangea NWR Podcast 084
    Time for NWR Podcast 084 with https://www.twine.net/signin Hydrangea, French electronic producer, deeply inspired by nature and its surroundings. Tracklist: (not in order) Rafael Anton Irisarri - The Witness Raven - Primeral Traveler Miles - Plutocracy Boris Divider - Exaflop Acronym - Back to Understanding Air Protection Office - U8H Demdike Stare - Bardo Thodol Donato Dozzy & Nuel - Aqua 3 Christian Cosmos - The Angular Positions Of His Cross Samuel Kerridge - Remove Yourself Shifted - Pulse Incomplete Endo Kame - Mined In Aetername Vale - 62,54hz Kaeba - A Grain Of Sand In Cairo Evitceles - Elusive Muslimgauze - Fakir (Bed Of Nails Mix) Morklys - Verbigeration Friedman & Liebezeit - 124-09 Fernandez Manetta - Entropic Disorder Vatican Shadow - September Cell (The Punishment) Sabla - Spirits (Ital Rework) Hydrangea - Turbulences More about the artist: SC: @Hydrangea RA: residentadvisor.net/dj/hydrangea FB: facebook.com/musichydrangea BC: hydrangea.bandcamp.com/ Njoy and see u NextWeek >>>>> #audio #Hydrangea #Techno #NWR #nextweekrecords #NWR #PodcastWW
    uniE603 DE Vs. Troit NWR Podcast 089
    Time for NWR Podcast 089 with DE Vs Troit a B2B project founded in 2014 in Berlin. More about the artist: SC: soundcloud.com/de-vs-troit FB: facebook.com/DE-vs-Troit BP: beatport.com/artist/de-vs-troit/392052 Cover design by Carlos Escobar Njoy and see u NextWeek>>>> #audio #DE Vs Troit #Techno #NWR #NWR089WW
    uniE603 Sangoo NWR Podcast 086
    Time for NWR Podcast 086 with @Sangoo spanish dj producer. Tracklist: 1. OSCAR MULERO - DUALISTIC CONCEPT 2. RICARDO GARDUNO - SIN EMBARGO 3. SCUBA - BLACK ON BLACK (LEN FAKI GOES BLACK RMX) 4. THOPE - FIREBOX 5. BAS MOOY - FIELDS 6. ROBERTO CAPUANO - FLASHBACK 7. SINFOL - UNSTABLE (FRANCOIS X RMX) 8. RAIZ - STRUGGLE PT1 9. CHRISTIAN WUNSCH - ALPHA PARTICLE 10. KWARTZ - HOLE 11. JUAN SANCHEZ - MORCILLA 12. JONAS KOPP - NO STRESS 13. 0PHASE - DIRTRO II 14. OSCAR MULERO - MENTALLY INDUCED ACTION More about the artist: SC: soundcloud.com/sangoo FB: facebook.com/sangoomusic Cover Design: Carlos escobar Njoy the podcast and see u NextWeek>>>>>> #audio #Sangoo #Techno #NWR #nextweekrecords #NWR #086WW
    uniE603 Saam NWR Podcast 074
    Saam. Techno DJ / Producer / Live act from the Netherlands. Saam gets his inspiration from various analog synthesizers and drum computers, like the Roland TR-909 and the Roland SH-101. Nowadays he has a studio in Amsterdam, where he has his own collection of analog equipment. With this hardware, he creates his dark, whipping, tripping, Berlin style cuts. More about the artist: RA: residentadvisor.net/dj/saam SC: soundcloud.com/saamnl FB: facebook.com/DJSaamNL #audio #Saam #NWR #Techno #nextweekrecords #NWRPodcastWW
    uniE603 Jeane Isadou NWR Podcast 087
    Time for NWR Podcast 087 with jeaneısadou from The Netherlands . As a musician, Jeane Isadou definitely benefited from her upbringing. Her rhythmic feeling and passion for music bring a positive energy to her music. Her personal style is deep and dark minimal techno. In 2013 Jeane Isadou participated in the well-known Twstd dj contest in Amsterdam. She was the only woman to participate. Tracklıst: *Forecast(original) - Colophon *Authenic memory - altinbas *Fixed - KMYLE *Philar - KMYLE + act 1 - typing music *Achievement 3 - Tensal *Polar - Antonio De Angelis *Counterbalance - Synthek, Audiolouis *Nhan(original) - Jonas Kopp *A better way of living - Sigha *Defined by Gravity - Developer *H20 - Michel Lauriola *Enigma -Jeff Rushin *Rej - Ame More about the artist: SC: @jeaneısadou RA: residentadvisor.net/dj/jeaneisadou FB: facebook.com/malissa.willemsz?ref=tn_tnmn Njoy and see u NextWeek>>>>> #audio #Jeane Isadou #Techno #NWRWW

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