Chamomile NWR Podcast 020

Published by Nwrec

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Coming to our last podcast of the year ,we give a warm welcome to Chamomile. His exploratory vibes have been perceived as astray from the mainstream EDM sound and should be regarded as Dark Techno. His latest productions include elements of dark atmospheres, gritty evil vocals, sci-fi/mechanical sounds, and industrial elements, with each track superseding the last by higher quality and intricate creativity. N-Joy and till Next Week>>>>>>> Playlist: Craft- Basement Outside (Bruno Ledesma Remix) Alejandro Trebor- Travel (Original Mix) Fabio Agostini & Philip Row- Morfic (Subfractal Remix) Alex Rampol- Confusional (Original Mix) Mike Maass- Blind (Subfractal Re-Work) The Noisemaker- Gamma (Tim Kelley Remix) Pfeiffer- Grand (Ricardo Garduno Remix) Robert Schrank- Stealth Drone (Realsortis Remix) Akos Veecs- Jupiter Effect (Chamomile Cosmic Remix) Asher Perkins- Not Here (Destroy Date Remix) Octave & Monocraft- Relapse (Original Mix) Andres Gil- Pizzicato (Original Mix) Monix- Omnipotent 12 (Original Mix) #audio #chamomile #techno #dark #Deep #New #w #r #nwr #next #week #records #kiev #nyc #amsterdam