Tekseven NWR Podcast 026

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Robin C J Smyth is an electronic music producer living in Belfast Northern Ireland. Robin has been making electronic music since the early nineties. His first success as a producer came on a compilation CD called the sound of the Irish underground which featured a track by David Homes. We hope you enjoy, this is Tekseven see you Next Week>>>> Artist Track Title 1. Robin C J Smyth (Strange Landscapes) 2. Pjotr_g_ Remote_Execute_(advanced human remix) 3. Architectural Architectural 05 4. Mattias Fridell Coveled_pt1_Original Mix 5. Ben Simms v Aubrey Cenrifuge_Azul 6. ESHU Chlore E.P Cesium (Vinyl Rip) 7. Headless Horse Man Legend 8. Advanced Human Grinding E.P (Cassedgrain remix) 9. Tekseven_ Arsia Mons (Skylightsforms E.P) 10. Callum Plant UNfall (Original Mix) 11. Felix Lerusso MK3.3 12. Jonas Kopp M31 Unknown Landscapes 13. Blacknecks Lost Leg 13. The Plat Gamma 05 14. Ancientmethods +Orphx _Eschaton 15. Tekseven Stereo Scopic (Skylightsforms E.P) #audio #techno #ireland #amsterdam #nwr #nwr #next #week #records

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