Felix Lorusso NWR Podcast 032

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This week we flight to Germany and present you Felix Lorusso. Founder of Cirque Du Minimaliste an amazing label from Hamburg that you should definitely check it out. Website: https://www.twine.net/signin Njoy like we did and see you Next Week>>> 1. jonas kopp - 55 dias (original mix) 2. kobosil - ein (original mix) 3. truncate - dial (original mix) 4. alberto pascual - modeler (original mix) 5. darko esser - clean state (lucy remix) 6. Ø [phase] - misaligned (original mix) 7. shxcxchcxsh - lldtmps (original mix) 9. kobosil - v762 cas (original mix) 10. flug - unreleased 11. virgil enzinger, submerge - destroyer of worlds (floom remix) 12. peter van hosen - axis mundi (original mix) 13. alberto pascual - sculptor (original mix) 14. ricardo garduno - patience (original mix) 15. xtnd (aka felix lorusso) - unreleased 16. nina kraviz - disire (original mix) 17. savas pascalidis - intervoice (original mix) 18. function - gradient I (original mix) 19. ascion - poetics of withdrawl (pfirter remix) 20. coeter one - 61 (jonas kopp remix) 21. xhei - primate (original mix) 22. kobosil - asle (original mix) #audio #Techno #Felix #lorusso #next #week #records #amsterdam #hamburg

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