Justin Schumacher NWR Podcast 046

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Today is time to know one of the best producers in town,from Brooklyn we present you Justin Schumacher. He have send us over a massive podcast including some of his own tracks released in labels as:Dystopian Rhythm, Unknown Territory,De-Konstrukt. njoy and till NextWeek>>>> 01. Ron Costa - Erteneve 02. Architectural - Sensual Spell 03. Re.you - Stare 04. Thomas Latham - Kontrol (Justin Schumacher) 05. EQD - Equalized #111 03 06. The Deepshakerz - Acid Train (Coyu Edit) 07. UVB - Supply 08. Andrei Morant - Feeble 09. Jay Lumen - B0Groove (Paul Ritch Remix) 10. Antigone - The Melody 11. James Ruskin - The Nature of Our Hurting 12. Garrillo Dansek - Quarknosis (Justin Schumacher Re-up) 13, Hertz - Groove Doctor (Stripped Special 2013 Remaster Mix) 14. Jose M, Tacoman - Mind if I Cut 15. Samuel Kemppi - Amost Certain 16. Mono.xID - Meltdown 17. Vladw - Triangular (Obscure Live Remix) 18. Mark Morris, Logotech - Ungfuck (Paul Mac Rough Mix) 19. Graze - Skip/Crush 20. Charlton - Vulnerable 21. Matt Sassari - Whisper 8 22. DJ Wild - Sur Ma Peau 23. Jordan Louis - Paz (Thinkfreak Remix) 24. Energun - Alpha (RePete Remix) 25. Andrei Morant - Falling Down #audio #techno #next #week #records #justin #shumacher #nwr #amsterdam #brooklyn #New #york

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