04 Jhon Spark - Kinetic (Original Mix)

Published by Nwrec

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The meaning of 'SIIMBIOSYS' is based on the full meaning of the Greek word 'symbiosis' itself: Sym = Together Biosis = Living A symbiosis is therefore a group of organisms that lives and works together in order to survive and make one species stronger. For SIIMBIOSYS Next Week Records invited a selection of special artists who as a individual have already marked themselves in the world of techno but as a group have the ambition, the commitment and the talent to leave an eternal footprint. SIIMBIOSYS will be a yearly series which will be open to every artist that worked with us. SIIMBIOSYS is a new addition to the fresh image of Next Week Records and will cover different kinds of techno, where special attention will be given to futuristic and forward-thinking sounds. #audio #Techno #next #week #records #Album #compilation #anniversary