Stratum NWR Podcast 071

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Time for NWR Podcast 071 with Stratum from Utrecht, NL. More about the artist: More about the artist: SC: RA: FB: 31st July 1964. The US craft "Ranger VI" transmitted 4,316 photographs of the lunar surface. Ranger 6 was a lunar probe in the Ranger program, a robotic spacecraft series launched by NASA in the early and mid-1960s to obtain the first close-up images of the Moon's surface. It was designed to achieve a lunar-impact trajectory and to transmit high-resolution photographs of the lunar surface during the final minutes of flight up to impact. The spacecraft carried six television vidicon cameras - two wide-angle (channel F, cameras A and B) and four narrow-angle (channel P) - to accomplish these objectives. Cover Design by: Jaime Bencruz #audio #stratum #Techno #amsterdam #utrecht #NWR #nextweekrecords #NWR #Podcast