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[pee-tek doe-joe] “A Place Of The Way”

Nestled in the creative centrum of Los Angeles, PTEC DOJO launched with an idea of creating a “One Stop” music production company that would become a portal for artist collaboration and exploration of music from all genres. With over 20 combined years in the music business, PTEC DOJO provide unique and innovative musical solutions ranging from composition for Film, Television and Multimedia to Remixing. Think “The Crystal Method meets Hans Zimmer… without the heavy German accent”.

PTEC Dojo’s music is an ever-evolving hybrid of multiple genres but is no doubt influenced by Electronica, Dance, Classical/Orchestral, Jazz and Blues. Expect to find any combination of these elements intertwined in their productions. Much of the Dojo’s musical offerings come across as film and TV soundtrack music – emotionally charged but with a rhythmic edge, evoking images of frenetic chase scenes or white-knuckled drama: “The common thread of our music is a sense of emotion-Not just beats for beats’ sake. We like to call it Urban Thematic Soundscape.” Make no mistake though; they definitely know how to move a crowd. Their music inspires you to drive faster, dance longer and well…feel deeper.

Paul Timmerman and Eric Caver’s individual music styles have been heavily inspired by popular artists such as Prince, The Crystal Method, Depeche Mode, Tangerine Dream and many others. Film music has also played a big part in PTEC Dojo’s sound through the impact of composers like James Newton Howard (Hunger Games), Basil Poledouris (Conan The Barbarian) and of course, John Williams (Star Wars, E.T.) Their unique and polished production style often pays tribute to production innovators such as Shep Pettibone and The Latin Rascals. Combine all of that with an embarrassingly passionate fascination for 80’s movies and Pop/New Wave music, and you have a duo that have spiked interest from many artists, Music Supervisors and Creative Directors around the world.

PTEC Dojo’s first compiled offering, the EP NEMESIS, formed after years of providing music to several notable music libraries. NEMESIS plays like a compilation of epic movie and television themes. Any of these compelling tracks could have been heard behind gripping scenes from television shows like “24”, “Fringe” or any other Action/Sci-Fi show of the time. “The songwriting is so focused and razor-sharp that you find yourself wondering why this group’s name is not mentioned habitually in mainstream circles. In one passing listen of NEMESIS, you can detect influences by John Powell, Brad Fiedel, Wendy Carlos, Vangelis, Moby, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Front Line Assembly, The Chemical Brothers. In that sense, the album is almost like a tribute to every musician who has made a name for himself embracing the 0’s and 1’s.“- Mark Morton of MusicEmissions.com.

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    uniE603 Goodbye Los Angeles
    Experimenting with some new sounds. thanks Beatport! #audio #chillwave #electronic #synth...
    uniE603 Heroine (Shakespeare's Sister Cover - Instrumental)
    Demo/test instrumental for the Delley project. Thought it would be a good idea to try a cover. #audio #dance #dance #electronic #covers #shakespeares...
    uniE603 I'll Become You (Demo)
    I’ll Become You You’ve fallen down so hard And no one’s there to lift you You’re falling apart And I can barely fix But when you’re faith has h...
    uniE603 Mill Avenue (Remix)
    Some samples from our ad campaign playlist #audio #advertising #sales #campaign #film #tv #licensing #onestop #guitar #midwest #hybrid...
    uniE603 Turqouise
    Another strange track I've been working on. Not sure where this is going but I'm having fun! #audio #Electronic...
    uniE603 Spiermint (Hybrid Mix)
    Some samples from our ad campaign playlist #audio #advertising #sales #campaign #film #tv #licensing #onestop #guitar #midwest #hybrid...
    uniE603 Take Me High
    Take Me High Music & Lyrics by PTEC Dojo acoustic guitar: Jimmy Khoury electric guitar & vocals: Paul Timmerman mixing & additional programming: J...
    uniE603 Thirst
    A dark industrial track inspired by Front 242 and others #audio #Industrial electronic dark moody goth...
    uniE603 Whistler
    Some samples from our ad campaign playlist #audio #advertising #sales #campaign #film #tv #licensing #onestop #guitar #midwest #hybrid...

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