RowLow - Sour Patch Kids Freestyle

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Jordan Comolli w/ Hilton on the beat Lyrics: How the fuck can i tone it down When my only goal is the crown Yeah Not comin for yo crown gotta find mine that i left on the ground then i gotta put it on Cuz i always really had it but i took it off. But im bouta put it back on man its been too long Like it or not Flow is authentic Ya Can u really feel it I wont stop gotta get the pepperchinis man the green fetuccinis ya So we gotta keep it goin Migga steady always flowin This a freestyle but you already been knowin Listen to this flow r to the o Jordan Carmelo From Paris to Hilton But it's really outerspace apollo Rockin a tom hanks suit Been around the moon Yes i carry heavy shit man im into space dog so i pursue the view But no ipod These haters talkin zune Yeah i be there soon I been here for a minute But i aint never gonna dissapear dog im way deep 9th innin Or way too deep in it Just like in my girl ooh Only got eyes for one You chickens what the fuck u cluckin Uh look at her Skinny ah waste wit the fat boody Man she got the gold titties oh wait shes a specimen yay I love you momma i wish you wadnt on the street Yeah I love you momma i wish you wadnt on the street yeah I love you momma Its harder to teach to my momma cuz she just loves that drama Hot af in this desert we doin it man it's a heat game. Huh But no lebron in this bitch man im more like dwane wade Fourth quarter so im goin four it Thousand miles an hour Kids scared of the rest of this patch thats why they face all turn sour Yeah we all been about but it ain't Special unless the ball points on it Tickets gon sell when They findin out about it man its how i hit the bottom with the family surrounded i would proly like to tell it but somebody has a problem they get caught once theyre actin for the product cuz its sour and they want it In their head its automatic but its like a step child its kinda like they bought it they pass out because they're blunted of that indo and the chronic inside of you when you flaunt it the sight of you is ironic but you fought it Sit em down and tell em when they put em into solitary cant nobody holler aint no homies with the dollars they got em with the monetary tonic they aint gon find em man they sold em for a buck Their soul went platinum and they sold it for what? I dont need a tums when speakin from the gut Look at all these busters they seem to think their runin it and gunin The way Theyre silly fans are followin it somebody gone light up a school yard dont let em into the building they'll manifest the death and destruction of little children we gotta let em go Yeah i know it These words are the truth you cant do with out it I don't want hear any fakes doubt it Migga i know that you sad about it But i cant allow it And you cant get out it Im around it I do this everyday im bustin out what i love about i say theyre fodder for cannons they way the shootin em out and they aimin for his head bust it so imma tell yo right now man its discu