Published by Starseed (Dayne Herndon)

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1st track off the album "Youniverse" by Starseed. Download the full album at: Follow Starseed on Facebook at: "Youniverse" is an exploration into the dynamic of balancing forces, paying homage to the dance of the masculine and the feminine energies that together constitute the components of all levels of creation. Emerging from this interplay is the succulent fruit of Wisdom, born of the marriage of the linear, the logical, the rational with the nonlinear, the creative, the transcendental. released September 9 2014 I want to give special thanks to the musical contributions of Mitchell Owens ("Youniverse," "Silent Soldier") and of Gabriel Salomon ("As Above, So Below"), and also to Aaron Wayne for doing such a great job on the mastering. I'd also like to extend my sincerest appreciation to everyone who has supported me at any point along my musical journey. Thank you so much! #audio #chill #chillout #ambient #electronic #Experimental #album