Justin Marwitz
Ripon, United States
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Hello! I’m currently working towards a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering, though I sometimes think I’d be better in networking. As far as programming goes I’ve worked in C++, C#, Java, PHP, HTML, and probably a few others I’m forgetting now. I must say that HTML is probably my favorite though, easy and powerful. Other things I love include technology, games, movies, automobiles, great music, pondering the universe and meaning of life, reading, my job and my beautiful fiance. I like working with my hands, whether it’s modifying cars, building a wooden box, or just trying your hand at fixing or improving something. I think the DIY and upcycling movement is pretty awesome, it gets you engaged and it can help you save money, plus you get the pride of building something yourself. I love creativity and I consider myself to be pretty creative, unfortunately I’m not really good at making music (I used to play guitar but writing my own songs never really worked) or art like I’d like to, so it can be hard to express the awesome, crazy, beautiful, terrifying things I have going on in my head. I strongly believe that you should never forget where you come from and who you are and that when you work on something with your hands you have the chance to impart in that object a bit of your soul. You get to show others who you really are in ways they can’t just look at you and see.

I’ve been messing with computers since I was 8 or so and an aunt of mine gave me an old Pentium 3 PC. Ever since then I’ve been experimenting with computers and any other tech I can get my hands on. Technology moves fast and has such a huge potential, it’s just plain exciting to read about the latest breakthroughs. Technology has helped us solve problems and generally tries to make the world a better place. I firmly believe that technology will continue to provide many great breakthroughs for humanity in the future.

I’ve was playing Mario & Duck Hunt on a NES before I had a computer, and eventually we got a SNES and along with that came Donkey Kong Country. I also remember playing Castlevania, FZero, Sim City 2000 and my personal favorite: The Legend Of Zelda Link To The Past. It wasn’t untill the PS2 that we finally got a new console which opened the world of GTA3 and Gran Turismo to me. Probably a year after getting a PS2 a friend casually gave me a copy of Final Fantasy VII. The first time I played that game, I played for nearly 3 days straight. After Link To The Past, Final Fantasy VII was the first game to really grab me and pull me into the story. My first PC game was Fable: TLC which was another game that I played way too much and still have loads of fond memories of. In 2010 I got into modding games a bit on PC and I actually added Clouds Buster Sword from FF VII to Fable (and won a scholarship because of it!) though it never quite got finished due to a crashed computer. More recently I’ve been playing Dark Soul: Prepare to Die on PC and loving the challenge on it. Right now I play on PC and PS3 and I’m looking forward to the next generation and what it might bring. The games I’m looking forward to the most right now are GTA:V and Watchdogs.

Comedy is probably my favorite genre of movies, I love some of the older parody films. Blazing Saddles, Monty Python & The Holy Grail, Airplane!, The Princess Bride, Robbin Hood: Men in Tights, Loaded Weapon 1, Hot Shots are some of my favorite films. Newer films include Inception, which still blows my mind a little bit when I watch it, Austin Powers, the new Batman Trilogy, James Bond films, The Hunger Games, and many others. Additionally, I’m a big fan of short films on YouTube & Vimeo. I love informative pieces such as those done by MinutePhysics and HowStuffWorks and the sort of things you see on TedTalks. By far my favorite though is the awe inspiring or mind bending things that make you think. Stuff like some of the crazy cool things people do. On the more philosophical side ShotOfAwe is another great channel with some just plain mind bending content.

I don’t want to sound like a hipster (that’s a whole other discussion) but I consider myself an audiophile, albeit on a tight budget, and I love finding underground or lesser know artists. I believe these people should be able to spread their message just the same as anyone else. My taste in music can vary quite a bit, on a typical day I’ll listen to Pink Floyd, Niko Is, The Game, Hugo, Action Bronson, Marky, Chet Faker, The Raconteurs, Snoop Dog (Lion?), Hollywood Undead, Flobots, Eminem, The Heavy, Blue October, Alice In Chains, The Silent Comedy, The Vibrant Sound, Tool and loads of other artists that generally don’t fit into the same genre. I do tend to shy away from most country music and nearly all pop music. I like music that engages the mind, lyrics that make you think or that have a message, music with feeling and soul, or music that I can just plain chill to (Bird on a Wire, Mean, Leather So Soft, $100 Chill, Ivory, Jar of Drugs to name a few tracks) with a smooth vibe and some nice refined low bass. I won’t lie though, I have my guilty pleasure music, more than a few tracks here or there by artists that I generally despise.

I’ve always loved reading, getting lost in a great story and reading late into the night is a favorite past time of mine. I’ve got many books on my list that I hope to read and I’ve read loads of books in the past. I don’t remember all of them but I remember loving almost all of them. Without a doubt the best books I’ve read recently would have to be the Night Angel Trilogy (and the kinda short prequel). The character development is awesome and the story is probably the most epic I’ve ever read. I cannot recommend them enough, there is no describing it, but I must warn you, if you read these books it will be hard to read anything else. I moved on to the Lightbringer series afterwards and it was great but it’s hard to beat the Night Angel series. Most recently I’ve start reading the Hunger Games Trilogy at my fiances request.

My dad raised my brother and I as gearheads, but due to my interest in technology early on my brother got the better part of learning about engines. I’m pretty sure he helped build a modified dirt track engine when he was 12. I had always noticed nice cars but my family is heavily biased towards muscle cars, “There’s no replacement for displacement” definitely applies around here. When I started to get really interested, probably when I was 16 or so, I was more into tuning. DSMs, 240SXs, Miata MX-5s, S2000s, NSXs and the like were more my thing. Naturally, this earned me some teasing and a bit of disapproval from my brother and father, especially when I started talking about 4g63t engines and 16g turbos instead of 350’s and 454’s. They slowly came around and when I bought a 92’ Laser RS they were at least a little curious, and I’ve even recruited them to help me rebuild the engine in the future (tuition first!) so it’s worked out all right. About 2 years ago I got a great deal on a 70’ Mercedes Benz 250 and they probably both breathed a sigh of relief when I finally brought home a carbourated car. Over the last two years or so I’ve gotten more and more fond of luxury vehicles, particularly those of the 4 door persuasion. I’ve decided I will give myself 5 years after graduation to be driving an Audi S8, which is one of my newer dream cars and probably the most achievable since a low mileage 4 year old S8 sells for just under half of their new car value. I was thinking about going for a Maserati Gran Turismo but that’ll probably be my midlife crisis car, and at least I can justify the S8 as a family sedan… with a lot of nice perks!

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