I love not man the less, but nature more. _Email not available. Sign in: https://www.twine.net/signup_WWW

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I love not man the less, but nature more. _Email not available. Sign in: https://www.twine.net/signup_WWWW


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I love not man the less, but nature more.

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    uniE603 Ripple Effect
    most recent track. riffing on some ambient tunes I've been into #music #chillWW
    uniE603 Once
    I'm on the edge, but I'm fast, I'm learning. I take no gain from your pain, we're hurtin'. With heavy tears in her eyes "We ran around wild outside, but now that time has gone and I can't..." She told me once that our love was burning. Too hot to touch, won't give up, you're worth it. You're everything I need. Set fire to the grass and the trees. Smoke fills the air we breathe. #audio #sad rapWW
    uniE603 Beck - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (DRMCTCHR & Wht Rbbt Rmx) [FREE]
    #audio #beck #everybodys #gotta #learn #change #your #heart #epic #chil #Bootleg #tennisshoelegWW
    uniE603 SOHN - The wheel (Wht Rbbt's "The Point" rewrk) [FREE]
    A small collection of reworked tracks, from me to you #audio #Present #Chill #HeadNod #SOHN #TheWheelWW
    uniE603 A Fine Frenzy - Think of you (Wht Rbbt's "Liars" rewrk) [FREE]
    You'll find me, on the floor trying hard to forget. A stiff drink, a past love, sweat it out till I'm dead. So tell me, pretty please where's that E for my knees. I like to dance but can't get past all the shit I've seen. Yeah this is not my place, I need more space to breathe. Trying hard to figure out what I did to make you leave. But it's not how I was, that's just how we did. All the fights and all the lies and a love that just wouldn't stick. I want so bad to not look back and say "I wish I could...". Cuz all that pain, it makes you vain. Can't tell the bad from the good. Stop missing all those things that you can't bring back. Just realize that all the time helps your heart learn that, you'll never know another if you've not been alone. With empty hands and broken heart you'll always crawl back home. If we're not true to who we are, we all need help. Cuz all your cries won't open eyes if you're just lying to yourself. I guess we tried, but all those lies, they stacked up pretty damn quick. Til all that pain and all that shame tore apart. We just couldn't keep it. Now time's gone by. I wonder why, sometimes, I just couldn't see. You weren't in love and I could not help. Threw our bodies to the sea. If it's not how I am, why do I still feel you? But you're not here, and it rushes back. I know you don't feel it too. I guess I'll live forever with this broken heart. Don't feel too bad, it's not all sad. You'll probably get a second start #audio #Present #Chill #HeadNod #AFineFrenzy #ThinkofYouWW
    uniE603 For Fun, For Me
    Took a break from working on something else to refresh my brain #audio #StayinGoodWW
    uniE603 MMOTHS - For her Ft. Young & Sick (Wht Rbbt's "We're Special" rewrk) [FREE]
    A small collection of reworked tracks, from me to you #audio #Present #Chill #HeadNodWW

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