Fall Apart

Published by betrayed-by-the-way

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Download Link: https://www.twine.net/signin Facebook: https://www.twine.net/signin/bbtwofficial Youtube: https://www.twine.net/signin/bbtwofficial email: https://www.twine.net/signin Sello discografico: Barracuda Studio (https://www.twine.net/signin/BarracudaStudioPeru) Integrantes: Leonardo Lapoint (Vocal) Nicolas Puga (Guitar) Ricardo Tafur (Guitar) Carla Espinoza (Bass) Christian Torres (Drums) .Composición por: Betrayed by The Way .Producido por: Betrayed by The Way / Barracuda Studio .Grabado, Mezclado y Masterizado en: Barracuda Studio. Lyric Verse (Think) The shit that you speak Bullshit in your head Awakes the hate Against your nature (Destroy) Spit on your feet Hit once again Attempt to destroy The lie that you are Bridge Just try to fall apart from me once again You will crash against a stampede Try to hurt me with your best words I will destroy them as paper sheets hurt me with your best words Verse (Scream) All in your face I have no fear To tell the truth about your fucking live They will destroy your mind Darkness steal your heart You'll never have someone On your side Chorus Do not try to destroy what I am I won’t fall apart, not again I won’t give up Engraved in my arms My will hard as my principles I won’t flinch on your fucking words Ignite the spark Inside of my heart Now I can see the mess that you are No fucking mind, no fucking guts No fucking soul I won’t fall apart Todos los derechos Reservados Lima - Perú 2014 #audio #Metal #Metalcore #betrayed #by #the #way #bbtw #fall #apart #lima #peru #barracudastudio