5 Reasons Every Freelance Web Designer Will Love Reboo

Life isn’t easy as a freelancer or a small business.  Trying to juggle multiple projects and customer demands; it can get overwhelming pretty quick.  And as unfortunate as it is, one missed deadline or unhappy customer can result in a fairly big hit in your monthly bottom line.

So, the question becomes how do you keep customers happy, keep your sanity by not working 24/7, and still scale your business?  The answer is putting the right processes in place and getting the right tools for you and your team (if you have one).

That’s where Reboo comes in.

Reboo is a super easy-to-use desktop application for Mac and Windows that allows you to make changes to any website without having to write a single line of code.

Here’s who can benefit from Reboo:

  • Freelance website designers and developers
  • Small to medium digital marketing agencies
  • Entrepreneurs that create multiple websites
  • Ecommerce store owners
  • Marketers that use sales funnels
  • Small business owners with limited budgets for IT/Marketing

The list goes on, but you get the point.  If you are anyone that needs to quickly and effectively design, change or edit a site fast, Reboo is exactly what you need.  Without knowing a single line of code, you can quickly edit your website.

So, let’s dig in a little further and find out exactly why Reboo is perfect for freelancers and entrepreneurs alike!

Reboo makes it easy to edit your website without writing code.

There are three types of people in this world.

  • People that know how to write code and love it
  • People that know how to write code and hate it
  • People that have no clue how to write code

The cool thing about Reboo is that no matter what category you fall into, it can help.  Let’s say you already know how to write code.  That’s fine.  You probably don’t have the time to go in and edit code all the time.  How much easier would it be if you could just quickly edit your contents directly on your website with an inline editor, do some drag and drop, and mess with a few other buttons or slider bars to get exactly what you want, and the customer wants within minutes?  Better than writing code, right!?  Even if you like writing code, this is a massive time saver.  You can easily edit images, click actions, and more with the click of a mouse instead of lines of complicated code.

And then there’s people that don’t know code, and never will.  Now you don’t have to hire and expensive web developer to make changes to your website or sales funnel.  YOU can easily make the changes on the fly.  For freelancers this is incredible because you can now offer to edit customer’s websites and sales funnels even though you’re not a coding expert.  Imagine the opportunities that will open up for your business.

Reboo lets you easily add all sorts of cool things to your website.

Are your customers asking for cool add-on’s or features for their website?  Or maybe you see something really cool on a website you visit and wish you could update your website’s design, but you’re not sure how to do it?  Reboo helps you add all the cool features without the hassle of knowing code.  Your clients will be impressed by your web development skills and website users will appreciate the improved user experience!  Here are just a few of the cool features you can easily add to your site with Reboo.

Entry Animations

Have you seen websites that have texts or images fly in or appear as you scroll down the page?  This is called entry animation, and it’s a great way to give your website the POP it needs to capture visitor’s attention and have them focus on what you want them to see.

Hover Fx

If you’re looking for buttons to change colors, or images to change size when you hover, Reboo lets you easily add that effect to your site.  It’s a great way to keep your site feeling modern and cool!

CSS Filters

If you want to change up the look of our site Reboo makes it easy to apply filters like sepia, grayscale, blur and more to any element on your site.

Social Sharing

A website is only part of the marketing arsenal for you and your clients.  Now you can easily add cool social network sharing buttons to your website so visitors can share content, follow your brand and promote your business to their friends and family.

Scroll to Top

Have you seen those cool “scroll to the top” buttons of some of the websites that have longer pages?  It’s a great way to improve the UX and with Reboo, it’s super easy to add to your site.

Cookie Law Bar

In today’s environment, ignorance isn’t an excuse anymore.  You can’t just say, “I didn’t know I had to have that!”  To comply with cookie law rules Reboo helps you add a user consent bar to your website.

Typewriter Fx

Few features on your site capture attention better than the typewriter effect for headlines and sub-headers.  No complicated code.  If you want this feature on your site, just pick the headline and add this attention-grabbing feature within seconds.


Want to improve the user experience on your site and make it easier to understand and take action?  Reboo lets you easily add tooltips to any element on your website.

Snow Effect

Website visitors respond better when a website is fun and updated on a regular basis.  The same old, same old gets boring.  A great way for you to change things up for your websites and your client’s websites is to add fun effects around the holidays like the snow effect!

No matter what effect, add-on or feature you add to your website, the bottom line is that with Reboo, it’s much easier.  As a freelancer, money is time and quick changes like this can make all the difference.

Reboo has a really friendly user interface.

No matter what software you use to build your site, Reboo makes it easy to change the style to match your vision.  You can make almost any kind of change you can think of including changing a background, adjusting margin and padding, adding or changing borders, and much more.

And if you’re a little more advanced and tech savvy, you have the option to set css properties like z-index, position, display, box sizing, etc.  It beats writing code and makes it easy for you to quickly change and show clients what it will look like on the fly.

Imagine if you could quickly and easily change the various background colors and styles within seconds.  You could sit down with your client and have an interactive meeting instead of going back and forth trying to see what they want.  Making changes this fast and easy is a game changer for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Reboo makes it easy to collaborate with your team and clients.

Speaking of collaborating with clients, Reboo has all the built-in features to make collaboration easy with both clients and your team.

If you have a team or a partner that helps with your web design business, Reboo lets you create an unlimited number of sub accounts specifying which projects they can view, edit and publish.  Each person can have different permissions, so it’s easy for you to manage who can do what.

Imagine how much time it will save you when you do this:  Simply create an account for your customer with the view only permissions.  Send them a link and get their feedback immediately.  They will be able to see everything you’ve built and designed, but they won’t be able to make changes.

On the other hand, let’s say you have a team member you want to make some changes that a client requested.  You can give your employee or team member permission to edit, but NOT publish.  That way you can check the work before it’s published to ensure it’s what you want.

And last, if you have complete trust in a partner or employee, you can grant them full access to your projects and they will have the ability to preview, edit and publish.

What Reboo is allowing you to do is collaborate and delegate like never before.  Your team members or clients don’t have to know any special code or complicated tech stuff.  They easily see the site, make changes and publish as you see fit.

Reboo is compatible with your favorite website building software.

One question a lot of people worry about is whether or not Reboo will work with the software they used to build their site.  And the answer is yes!  Reboo works and is compatible with most major website building tools.

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Magneto
  • Click Funnels
  • iGloo
  • Convertri
  • Leadpages
  • PrestaShop
  • Weebly
  • Jimdo

And that’s the cool thing about Reboo!  You now have one user interface that you can use across all of your different websites.  If you have a website in WordPress, but you build your funnels with Click Funnels, not a problem.  Reboo works for both!

So, now you don’t have to take the time to learn or know how to edit every different website software.  Reboo lets you manage it all with one tool.

In conclusion…

If you’re a freelancer that needs to edit or design lots of websites, this tool will save you time, energy and frustration.  It helps you collaborate with your team and clients like you’ve never been able to before, and it’s so simple to use, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Then when you throw the price on top of that, Reboo is too good of a deal to pass up.  No matter what stage you are at in your freelancing or entrepreneurial business, Reboo has an affordable package/plan that will work for you now and also grow with you as your business grows.

Reboo also offers two options for hosting your files.

Reboo CDN allows you to not host anything!  All files generated by Reboo are safely stored on our Cloud Servers and delivered via a Super-Fast CDN.  And then when you’re ready to publish simply press a button and you’re live.

Or if you prefer, you can use your own server.  Reboo allows you to download a zip archive containing all the generated files (css, js and images). You can upload them into your server and host them directly.

The bottom line is this:  Reboo is the perfect tool for freelance web designers and entrepreneurs to easily edit websites.  Say goodbye to complicated coding and say hello to easy drag and drop editing that saves you time and effort.  Visit Reboo.io today to learn more about this amazing tool!

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Thomas is the owner and creator of Reboo.io. As an experienced digital marketer and website developer, he spends his time creating digital solutions for freelancers, entrepreneurs and marketers that help them maximize their time and success.