$500,000 AI research project supports Twine freelancers during lockdown

Twine has launched a $500,000 project with a US-based research company, to create a public database of human interactions to develop AI machine learning.

The project will commission twine freelancers, frequently referred to as the “human cloud”, to create videos of everyday activities, from getting into cars to exiting rooms, on a mass scale to help AI machines develop quality algorithms and learn to convincingly replicate more human movements.

The contributors to the project are remote workers in the gig economy, also known as the ‘human cloud’, and with 74% of freelancers set to work from home more often after lockdown is over, projects like this are set to be in high demand. With this project, Twine is offering its extensive community of 350,000 freelancers over half a million dollars’ worth of work.

The video library will be made available to the international research community as an open source dataset, where contributors have given explicit permission for researchers to benefit from using the content to further advance machine learning. Currently, YouTube is the primary source of information for this research, which is often low quality, or not fit for purpose video. This project is set to change all of this. 

The project runs until October 2020 and is providing an estimated 3,000 freelancers with the opportunity to participate in $500,000 worth of work during an otherwise unstable period as the UK manages the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Freelancers can get involved in this project here

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