Bring Your Stories to Life with Motion

You’ve designed a stunning site for your client that ticks all the right boxes—it’s visually beautiful and hits every request (both reasonable…and otherwise) that they had. Except for that last-minute, crunch-time one that just came in. 

“Hey (insert your name here), just had a coworker take a look at the site. How about we make it more engaging?”

Worry not, it’s doable and can be done fast. Blow away your client (and their friend), by engaging them with eye-catching visuals—stills are great, but to really elevate that site, you should incorporate content that includes movement. Right now, over half of consumers want to see more video content from brands and businesses they support—and with 85% of all internet users in the US watching online video content monthly, it’s time to tap into that need for video and give them what they want. Check out the list below for a couple of different, motion-forward options for driving engagement. 

Cinemagraph GIFs

Depending on the site you’re working on, you might be worried about massive file sizes that’ll affect load times, so let’s get the quickest (and size-wise, smallest) option on the table: cinemgraph GIFs.

A cinemagraph is a type of GIF that has only a portion of its content animated, and it allows you to start adding motion to your stories and sites gradually. It can be a cup of hot coffee that’s still except for a continuous wisp of hot steam coming from it, or a beach that’s motionless, except for clouds that continuously roll across the landscape. Whatever cinemagraph you choose, know that it’s a great way to bring your stories to life—and as they’re still relatively uncommon, this content is a great way to grab your audiences’ interest. 

Fully animated GIFs

If you want to go for something a little more animated, you could use fully animated GIFs, which are a type of visual that uses a continuous loop of a certain section or scene from a video to create new content. If you want to connect to your customers, using these types of GIFs is the way to go—they’re instantly recognizable and used all over the internet, usually in the form of memes. GIFs are also incredibly effective in presentations, social media, and more—they’re eye-catching and engaging, and can range from hilarious to serious, and anything in between. You can find a huge amount of videos on iStock that you can turn in to GIFs—just find the perfect content, download it, and use your design skills to create a new clip that drives engagement. 


Video is the ultimate way to add motion to your visual stories—and on iStock, you can find videos that’ll satisfy any need. Best part is, all of our 4K video content costs the same as HD. The beauty of video is how malleable and editable it is—you can edit disparate clips together to create new, unique content to live on your site, complement your designs, and engage your audience. On average, 88% of users spend more time on a website with video, which is why 87% of marketing professionals are using video as a marketing tool—so, if you’re not using video yet, now’s the time to start. 

Fill Your Stories with Motion

Now that you’ve learned about new ways to add motion to your creative campaigns, it’s time to get started by searching through iStock by Getty Images to find the perfect, motion-packed content for your clients and their needs. You can also save 10% by using code ISTOCK10 at checkout, only until September 30 2019.



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