Clowdy’s A-Z of new artists in 2014: N is for…

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N in our continued A-Z series features music from grunge revivalists Nai Harvest, ‘post-pub’ rockers 6 Needles and Novella, an all-girl act with a taste for shoegazy guitars.

6 Needles

This cheeky Yorkshire bunch thoroughly endeared themselves to me by describing themselves as ‘post-pub rock’, which adds to their general mien of unseriousness – a wonderful thing in an age where too many indie bands come accessorised with a fringe and a frown. It’s not all jokes, though – they also have an impressive way with a louche melody.

So far they’ve only released one EP, but we hope there’s lots more to come from 6 Needles.

Nai Harvest

There’s no denying that Nai Harvest are a band that take their musical touchstones from the 90s, staggering from the grunge era to emo via the slacker approach of J Mascis, Stephen Malkmus et al. This isn’t a problem in itself as long as they go at it with a certain creative vigour, and there’s no problem with that here – the duo have tunes to spare and a clear enthusiasm for the bands that influenced them.

According to recent live reviews from festivals such as Beacons, they’re also a surprisingly noisy act considering there’s only two of them, which is always gratifying. A new EP is available now.

Follow them on Twitter here.


It seems a little quaint to allude to the notion of scenes in the modern, atomised music world, but the kind of dreamy shoe-gaze rock currently coming out of London is, at the very least, some kind of fashion. Novella fit into this hazy grouping along with bands like Echo Lake. However, they also exude a riot-grrl inflected self-confidence that puts the all-girl group ahead of the pack.

Lo-fi early tracks like The Things You Do and Oh Brian are extremely promising – we just hope they don’t lean too heavy on the production when recording their debut LP.

Fearghus Roulston

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