Clowdy’s A-Z of new artists in 2014: P is for…

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Now we’re on to P as we continue with our A-Z of new artists. This edition features slightly frightening Leeds band Post War Glamour Girls, wonky pop duo PANES and anthemic indie act Portalights.


An instantly accessible band, Portalights have clearly been influenced by a host of indie predecessors, especially those with a taste for the anthemic. Their subtle approach owes something to Guy Garvey and co, as does their taste for spacious, thoughtful melodies.

Singer Will Poston has a unique, delicate voice which makes any of their tracks instantly recognisable – this is best showcased on 2013 single Zoospace, which gives him plenty of opportunity to stretch those vocal chords. They’re also gaining a reputation for a stonking live show as their sound continues to mature, so keep an eye out for them on the late-summer festival circuit.

Post War Glamour Girls

Post War Glamour Girls are the latest band to emerge from Leeds’ ever-fertile music scene, but they’re an atypically spiky, complex proposition. How much you like them will depend on your tolerance for vocals that recall latter-period Nick Cave letting loose in his Grinderman iteration – my tolerance, suffice to say, is extremely high.

The frontman’s growling mien isn’t all PWGG have to offer, though, with a musical backdrop that takes in post-punk, post-rock and occasionally post-having-banged-your-head-against-a-wall. Like fellow Northerners Young British Artists, they sound quite angry, a relief in what can be a deflatingly anodyne indie scene.

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They had a job winning me round, PANES, after opting for the dreaded all-caps band name. Songs like Bones Without You and Choice Errors, though, are enough to grab your attention without any mithering typographical oddities. Broadly speaking, the London duo fit into the dark R’n’B vibe that’s become so popular recently, but with enough external influences to keep the template fresh.

Like the XX (one of the early adopters of this genre), they’re also extremely remix-ready, which could give them additional cross-over appeal. Music for late nights and early mornings, when everything feels a little hazy.

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Fearghus Roulston

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