Clowdy’s A-Z of new artists in 2014: Q is for…

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From Quadrilles and the Quaintest Show on Earth to A Band Called Quinn, here’s our three picks for Q in our A-Z of 2014.


A quadrille is a … no, forget about it. Look it up on Wikipedia, unless you’re somehow reading this from a piece of paper. Quadrilles, the band, are a London four-piece who released a debut EP late last year and have been gigging intermittently since then. You could call them math-rock, but they’re a little too canny and poppy for that; it’s an appellation that too often seems to suck the joy out of a record.

Their smattering of songs will be appreciated by anyone who likes a clever melody and a little bit of shouting, which I would assume is everyone.

Quaintest Show on Earth

The Quaintest Show on Earth is a band project from the talented TW Jones, who writes and sings the songs, accompanied by a disparate selection of folk and indie musicians. This means there is a pleasing musical diversity to their latest album, Lucid Dreamer, all of which is held together by the throughline of Jones’ impressive voice.

Interesting production keeps the record fresh on songs like The Village, highlighting the wide-ranging nature of Jones’ musical approach. We’re excited to find out where the Quaintest Show On Earth pitch their tent next.

A Band Called Quinn

A Band Called Quinn have been around for a few years now, but we thought we’d give them a little spotlight, partly because their multimedia ethos is what we’re all about at Clowdy and partly because they’re currently putting on a showstopping extravaganza at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a Made in Scotland Showcase.

Biding Time, their Fringe show, sounds delightfully strange and has earned a number of positive reviews. In purely musical terms, the band produce breathy electro-tinged pop, held together with the charming vocals of singer Louis Quinn. A previous iteration of the band included Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos!

Follow Louise Quinn on Twitter here.


Fearghus Roulston

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