Clowdy’s A-Z of new artists in 2014: W is for…

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We’ve arrived at W on our A-Z list of new music and said letter stands for…

Words and Noises

There’s been a large turning of heads this past year which we can accredit to some degree towards Words and Noises. The contemporary pop duo of Chris Selman and Simon Williams have been raved about by XFM and BBC Radio, had multiple EP releases and had some fantastic performances at Castle Hotel, Night and Day cafe and The Bay Horse. Heck they’ve even been played on Hollyoaks. And by mentioning that I’m by no means implying I watch or enjoy the show. But Hollyoaks does have a good slot on Channel 4 giving it a decent viewership, so that’s something I guess.

All this excitement for Words and Noises comes down to their electronic pop creations that have refreshing lyrical depth. Each track stands on its own too as the melodies and vibes keep evolving into something new. We first heard them with ‘Forget me not’ which couldn’t be any more 80’s and vibrant with hints of Vampire Weekend. Elsewhere you’ll hear a track like ‘Animals’ which is more piano driven and introspective, pulling you in with those unique vocals.

White Noise Box

Another regular to the gigging circuit of Manchester are White Noise Box who show promise with their lively attitude and stylish guitar riffs. Their tracks are rich with Mancunian authenticity which is unmistakable from the get-go. Being such a popular bit of music culture following the lead of Oasis, The Stone Roses and the like it is no easy task trying to take that in your own direction and come up with something exciting without being drowned in the sound of everyone else.

But you’ll see for yourself that White Noise Box have something of their own. The rhythm in those riffs get stuck in your head and there’s no loss of sound as every element of the track entertains you in a unique way. One of which being the lyrics to tracks like ‘From Manchester with love’ as they have that natural lyricism that shows real character.

Follow their musings and updates on Twitter here.

Whispering Dolls

We’re heading over to Sheffield now for some dark, alternative rock from Whispering Dolls. Brooding with cynicism and an edgy energy radiating from the amps and microphones. We’re adding them to this list after having a repeated listen to their debut EP. Their energy and tempo is infectious and you get a feeling that they want to strike every chord as hard as they can, strut over every inch of the stage, and get everyone in the crowds screaming their lyrics.

It’s something special when you hear a band with as much intensity and passion as these guys. But weirdly they maintain their composure and everything is executed perfectly. Like they’re bottling their energy up and teasing you with it. All this is held together with a thumping and somewhat bluesy drum beat. It can be a pretty harsh comedown when their performance is over.


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