Clowdy’s A-Z of new artists in 2014: X is for…

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We’ve reached the troublesome letter X. There are even less musicians out there beginning with X than I anticipated. I won’t dance over the issue, only one band comes to my mind. Someone I discovered on Clowdy of all places:

Xander & The Peace Pirates

Inspired by the “Four lads who shook the world” monument outside Liverpool’s famous Cavern Club, in regards to The Beatles for those that were born and raised in a cupboard, Xander & The Peace PIrates have revolution in their hearts. In a world now pumping out infinite musicians from the Xfactory and brainwashing nations into thinking the only dream they should have is to be famous, the Xander brothers are looking to inspire soul and purpose back into music. By soul I’m not referring to the artificial nonsense that gets read out to the voting public over a somber Coldplay track by hopeful karaoke candidates. Talent and creativity like the Xander lads comes from somewhere else.

The Peace pirates (running out of ways to condense such a long band name without continuously repeating their full title) have really classic and captivating blues with messages and stories woven beautifully into their tracks. We’ve not heard music like this for a long time and hopefully more like these guys will start to come to light.

You may have noticed a specific detail from the video that hasn’t been mentioned yet. One half of the Xander duo, Keith, is playing with a prosthetic hook for a hand. Having a prosthetic hook was cause for Keith’s school music teacher to tell him to forget playing a two handed instrument. Yet some time down the line Xander & The Peace Pirates were contacted by Gibson Guitar Corporation asking them if they could journey down to Las Vegas and play a gig at CES using their guitars. Of course the brothers then jetted over to America and have been playing numerous historic venues across the states since. They’re currently working on their album with Eddie Kramer. A producer who has previously collaborated with The Beatles, Hendrix, Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and many more. In other words…keep your eye on these guys.


Dylan has now been involved with Clowdy for over a year as an integral part of the creative and marketing team. In his spare time he gives the rest of the office an intense inferiority complex by being a jazz pianist, mathematically proven to be the coolest possible hobby.