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We’re approaching the end of our sprawling A-Z of new music in 2014 – enjoy three exciting artists as part of the penultimate letter, Y, which encompasses Yonks, Yumi and the Weather, and Yarbo.


Yonks encompasses two guitarists, Matt Stevens and Alex Vald (who is also known as Lextrical and played in the Dream City Film Club during the 90s. Vald is involved in a host of side-projects; former collaborators include cult Manchester writer Jeff Noon, who paired up some of his ‘microspores’ – essentially, short, narrative fragments – with the guitarist’s music.

He’s released two EPs alongside Stevens, both of which contain delicately layered and structured loops reminiscent of experimental guitarists such as American composer Kaki King as well as more obvious post-rock and instrumental touchstones. The duo have further plans for recording together and we’re looking forward to hearing what they do next.

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Hailing from Liverpool, Yarbo take their cues from classic songwriting and Americana; The Sea, which opens their latest EP, is reminiscent of early Tom Waits both in its sentimental piano melody and its husky vocals.

That the project (fronted by Daniel Pye) has emerged from Merseyside is testament to the variety of the city’s vibrant music scene, which can incubate this kind of bluesy, low-key charm alongside the eclectic array of funk, indie and electronica also winning Liverpudlian plaudits.

Yarbo have chiseled out their reputation through an extensive round of local touring – as they take on gigs further afield, it seems fair to suggest their reputation will grow.

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Yumi and the Weather

Yumi and the Weather are a group from Brighton that produce ethereal, poppy electronica, all held together by the understated but soulful vocals of lead singer Ruby Taylor. Taylor initially conceived of the project as a solo undertaking but has since roped in the support of a full band, which adds to the rich, warm sound of songs such as All We Can.

They have earned airplay on Radio 1 and Radio 6 as well as enjoying a festival-packed summer, which also saw them win critical acclaim from a host of music blogs and reviewers.

Having already released a number of EPs, we’re hoping to hear another official release from Yumi and the Weather in the near future.

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Fearghus Roulston

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