Clowdy’s A-Z of new bands in 2014 – E is for…

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Here are some of the new bands in 2014 that are winning a place on our playlist. We’ve reached the Es…

Edwin Pope

Also known as Mutant Vinyl, Edwin Pope is an intriguing proposition. His wears his love of Prince on his sleeve, despite a relatively grounded lifestyle – in his biggest hit to date, Lavender, he namechecks taxi ranks and bleak towns, rather than limousines and mansions.

Pope’s jazzy, sax-y (careful now) tunes seem ready-made for the charts and his live sets have already won acclaim in Liverpool, where he has recently graduated from the Institute of Performing Arts. One to keep an eye on.

Ema Sierra

Bristol has always supported a fruitful and eclectic music scene (unlike Manchester, it just doesn’t feel the need to go on about it all the time!). Ema Sierra is the latest Bristolian artists to catch our eye with her wry, tuneful observational songwriting.

This Is The Kit would be the obvious comparison to draw, but despite the acoustic guitar there are also post-punk echoes in Sierra’s music, notably of influential Glaswegian art school band Life Without Buildings.


This Brighton group has a loose, collaborative feel, with a rotating cast of around eight members and a genre-defying approach that straddles hip-hop, jazz, soul and funk.

But genres are for shelf-stacking and there’s no need to put The EME into a box. Everything they turn their hands to is impressive danceable, and they’re likely to prove a hit with crowds if the weather holds out this summer!

Fearghus Roulston

Fearghus was tempted into training as a journalist after an injudicious exposure to the Tintin books at an early age. He worked in several content marketing and writing jobs before starting at Clowdy, where he deals with blogging, social media and other non-Tintin or international espionage-related activities.