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We’re up to T now in our big A-Z of new music in 2014 – this means music from Tape Runs Out, Tree of Wolves and The Bear Around Your Neck.

Tape Runs Out

Based in Cambridge, Tape Runs Out make the kind of music that I imagine would suit a leisurely Sunday evening stroll around the city, soft and delicate and pleasantly meandering. There are elements of shoegaze, but with a shimmery touch that has very little to do with bands like My Bloody Valentine and more in common with Thom Yorke’s solo work.

In places, Tape Runs Out’s smattering of recordings also threaten to burst into the kind of sunny electro-pop recently popularised by bands like CHVRCHES. Their first EP, Covered In Tape, is a charming, dreamy affair – let’s hope the tape doesn’t run out after all! (Sorry).

Tree of Wolves

Carmarthen-based band Tree of Wolves are a great summer band, or at least they could be if it would ever stop raining. New single Half Light is a shimmery, mellow piece of guitar pop with a soaring melody that benefits from dual male-and-female vocals. They’ve already managed plenty of airplay on national radio, which is understandable given their way with a pop hook.

They’ve been recording with Welsh music legend John Lawrence, a founding member of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci (also from Carmarthen!) Here at Clowdy we’re intrigued to find out how they’ll develop their sound once they move on to a full LP.

The Bear Around Your Neck

Nathaniel Scott (the northern singer-songwriter behind The Bear Around Your Neck) is far from being a typical acoustic finger-picker mumbling lovelorn sub-David Gray rhyming couplets. Based in Manchester, he’s a genuinely difficult musician to classify, not least because he makes such an impressive racket with only one amplified guitar.

Although he doesn’t sound very much like Fence Records supremo James Yorkston, they have a similar approach, with dense, lyrical wordplay almost-but-not-quite overwhelmed by fuzzy bursts of guitar noise. Scott’s only recorded a handful of songs so far in his career, but debut album Big Shiver sounds like a major step forward.

Check out The Bear Around Your Neck’s profile here.

Fearghus Roulston

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