Logo Design Ideas

Hey, Designers!

Twine here – we’ve got something super exciting to share with you!

We’ve heard all about this dreaded artist block that’s filling the heads of fellow creatives out there, and we’ve decided enough is enough.

That’s right, our terrific Design Team have compiled together our Logo Design Challenges & Entries, all in a neat little post for you to get some inspiration. A whole bunch of top-quality logo design ideas submitted to and worked with by our incredible community of over 400,000 freelancers – think of this as your own design encyclopaedia!

So, what are you waiting for? Sharpen those pencils, squeeze out that paint and switch on that drawing tablet – here are our latest & greatest in Logo Design Ideas. (Warning: you’re about to see some serious talent!)

Challenge Briefs

Each week, Twine send out a weekly creative challenge (Logo Design, UI Design, Illustration – seriously, we have a challenge for everyone!) designed for you to let loose and have your imagination running wild! Our challenge briefs are fun and have no limits – great practice when you’re looking to build a great portfolio, and secure work with future clients.

For example, this was our Logo Design Challenge for Week 1 – to see the complete and up-to-date list of all the Logo Design Challenges, click here.

Design a logo for a café that incorporates a rose, a leaf and a cup.

Want to get involved? Sign up for the weekly Logo Design Challenge here.

Challenge Entries

Our incredibly talented freelancers seriously know their stuff! We’ve had some amazing submissions on the #twinelogodesignchallenge hashtag over on Instagram – seriously, check these guys out!

Here’s an example submission (I mean, wow) from an amazing designer, using our Week 1 brief.

To see our whole list of entries for Week 1, along with all the other Weeks – click here.

Why not get involved?

Our weekly design challenges began as part of our wider mission – to empower creative individuals.
Whether you sign up for one or more of our weekly challenge series – or even if you’re just browsing through this list, you’re setting yourself up for creative success!

Let’s take a look at the benefits, shall we…

Practice makes perfect:

If you’re looking to tighten up your drawing skills, practising often is the way to go. Our list of design challenge ideas allow you to create at your own pace – plus, we’re updating constantly. You’ll never run out of fresh content again!

Beat the BLOCK:

Our freelancers haven’t been shy when telling us all about the dreaded artist’s blockone of the biggest struggles that creatives face.
At Twine, we’ve got you covered – our design ideas give you a clear framework to work from – including style, text, colour and even an example client brief!

Build your portfolio:

When breaking into the industry as a freelancer, you’ll need a diverse portfolio to show prospective clients. This is where these design ideas come in handy! After each week, make sure you’re saving and sharing your creations in order to build your own creative archive.
(We also know how hard it can be to gain valuable experience when you’re first starting out – so we’ve geared our design ideas around the type of briefs you’d typically receive from a paying client!)

Network with creatives like YOU:

At Twine, we’re not just a freelancing platform. We’re a global community of over 400,000 creatives – just like you.
Our design challenges have grown an incredible following behind them, with participants supporting and promoting each other’s work on social media.

Show off your work:

Every week, our in-house design team compile together their favourite entries from our weekly design challenges. These are then promoted across Twine’s Instagram accounts – a combined total of over 900,000 followers. This is a huge opportunity for exposure, credibility and opportunities to network with other creatives – so make sure you post your work online (followed by the relevant hashtag) to be in with a shot!

We hope this has given you some inspiration and enriched your artistic senses. Our challenges are all for fun, you’ve got complete creative freedom – so, we hope you’ll consider joining in and getting involved!



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