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I’m sure you’d agree with us when we say that it’s incredibly important to protect your physical and mental health when you’re travelling abroad, whether that’s for work or leisure.

The thing is:

It can be really difficult to get clarity on exactly what you’re actually covered for with many international health providers.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Integra Global, because they provide simple to understand and genuinely comprehensive international health insurance.

Integra Global’s InCare Life package is a great fit for less-established nomads, travellers and expats that have budget restrictions, but still need high-quality cover.

In this article we’re going to guide you through the Integra Global’s InCare Life range and explain their comprehensive hospitalisation and rehabilitation benefits, 24/7 emergency medical assistance, life cover and mental health benefits. 

What is InCare Life?

Integra Global’s InCare Life range is perfect for freelancers who want protection against high-cost inpatient care or expensive treatment, but are happy to pay for their own day-to-day health costs. 

InCare Life provides you with:

  • Comprehensive cover if you are hospitalised
  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance
  • life cover 
  • mental health benefits. 

InCare Life is a great fit for less-established nomads, travellers and expats that have budget restrictions, but still need high-quality cover. 

What  does InCare Life Cover?

Lots of big providers exclude things like pandemics or natural disasters in their policy cover, so if you become ill and need treatment for coronavirus – or a similar future pandemic – you wouldn’t be covered, and would need to pay for treatment yourself. 

Integra Global believes it’s their duty to support their members in uncertain times like these and stand by you when you need them. 

They have no exclusions for pandemics or natural disasters in any of their plans. 

In addition to exclusions, lots of insurance providers hide the quality of their cover within their limits. So whilst they have a lot of benefits, the limits for each benefit are too low to cover treatment costs. 

This means that whilst you are covered, as soon as you hit the limit, you’re paying for treatment yourself, which makes it pointless having insurance in the first place! 

Integra Global’s plans have realistic limits that relate to the costs of treatment around the world. 

So if you need to use your plan, you’re covered. 

They also have a dedicated team of people that understand the pressures and risks that come with working abroad and travelling. 

They provide a personal service to all their policyholders, supporting you when you need them most.

Travelling freelancers protected by Integra Global

Every day, Integra Global’s team go above and beyond to support freelancers facing health issues abroad. 

Here’s just a few examples of the support they provide to freelancers around the world:

Austrian freelancer stuck in Thailand

A few weeks back, an Austrian based freelancer was stuck in Thailand and needed to get back to Austria for urgent surgery. 

Their only option to fly home was via Korean airlines, which concerned them with the need to stop in Korea on the journey, due to the level of coronavirus cases there at the time. 

Constant phone support from the team at Integra Global enabled them to safely fly to South Africa. They then were able to fly to the Seychelles, where they are now waiting to be able to fly back to Austria. 

The Integra Global team are providing continuous advice and support to them and have been checking in with them on a regular basis.

Travel and Accommodation Outpatient Cover In Indonesia

A nomadic freelancer was staying in Indonesia urgently required outpatient care and needed to travel to a hospital in Jakarta.

Due to the nature of their health complications, they were required to stay under observation overnight and were worried about the costs that would be incurred.

Thankfully, they were covered by Integra Global – who provide up to 10 nights of travel and accommodation cover.

Freelancer isolated abroad required mental health support

A British freelance videographer was working in Shanghai on a project and, due to COVID-19, the project had to be abandoned and they were forced into lockdown. 

Being stuck in a country where they struggled to communicate with locals, and didn’t have a community around them, felt isolating and vulnerable for the videographer.

Feeling desperate, they reached out to a member of the Integral Global team, who immediately got in touch to support them and clarify what’s in their plan, as well as identify all the local hospitals in their network.

The Member Care team also helped organise 8 sessions of counselling over the phone for the freelancer, which really helped them to support their wellbeing and cope during the isolation.

What else does Integra Global provide?

Integra Global’s plans also include a fitness check every 24 months for anyone 40+ years old (up to $500), so you can make sure your health is the best it possibly can be.

Integra Global also gives you access to the digital health app – which provides you with safe and convenient access to your health policy anywhere in the world. 

Within the app, Integra Global members can:

  • Access ID card and personal information
  • Pre-authorise treatment
  • Submit a claim
  • View policy documents
  • Contact the Member Care team
  • The app also integrates directly with Apple Health, building up a better picture of your health over time.

Where can I learn more?

Click here to learn more about InCare Life and speak to a member of the Integra Global team.

And please let us know if you have any questions in the comments section and we’d be happy to help.

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