Introducing Clowdy Shorts 2014 – UK university short film contest

If you haven’t heard, we’ve only gone and launched our very own short film competition. Clowdy Shorts offer student filmmakers in the UK to showcase their shorts to a wider audience, as well as the chance to be judged by two of Clowdy’s Virgin Media Shorts Grand Prize winners, namely Jason Wingard-Hasford and Nimer Rashed. There’s £200 up for grabs too.

To read the full list of rules and regulations, as well as the latest entries, head on over to our Clowdy Shorts microsite.




Steve is the Digital Marketing Manager at Clowdy. He came to Clowdy by a somewhat circuitous route. He left his native Northern Ireland to study engineering at Loughborough, and shortly after went further afield to complete his MBA in the States after earning a running scholarship to the University of Tulsa.