Spotlight on Eerie Deer

Eerie Deer is a band forged by Finnish folkster, Roope. Despite being a hidden online gem, having recorded most, if not all of his songs in his living room with amateur equipment, Eerie Deer has struck quite a chord with his rather profound music.

We thought it would be enjoyable to interpret how Eerie Deer sounds to us and hopefully get more people discovering his music. The first track we’d like to show is ‘A ghost exists’. If you’re a fan of the Breaking Bad series then you’ll take a liking to this track as it has a very similar feeling to the track ‘Goodbye’ by Apparat. I won’t spoil anything for future Breaking Bad fans, all I’ll say is, similar to Apparat, Eerie Deer constructs a sense of falling, isolation and demise with this track. The atmosphere is striking. A collab with swedish artist, Ohsowhy, it seems to completely immerse you. Like the building is catching fire around you and you’re hopelessly entranced by the lick of the flames. There is also a sense of something haunting and relentless with the continuous beat of the drum and lyrics like “they are in here, believe me”.

Another one of our favourite tracks takes a different, lighter style but still dealing with darker expressions of which, with alot of his tracks, he claims to either relate to him, his friends or fictional characters of his own. He has a good balance of something dreamy, bewitching, and pleasant paired with something pensive and solemn. In this track it is the same. The colourful and simplistic collapsing and rising of his kinetic sand creatures and playful guitar paired with the concept of falling apart and rebuilding who you are. “I’ll rebuild myself, until I’m home again”.

Listen to these tracks and more here.



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