Spotlight on The Actions

The Actions are an alternative and trippy group from London who are reviving rock with open arms towards the psychedelic tones of the electronical music age, as well as the backbone to work on new formulas.

Made up of Silty for the unmistakable vocals resonating in your mind, Mo Stellato with the atmospheric and trippy guitar sounds that twist and turn the direction of the song and Giovanni Velez for the fiery attitude and urging pace on the drums. While their music is definitely of their own unique ideas you’ll definitely detect some of the dark, emotional and experimental influences from such bands as Portishead and Massive Attack.

They’re a favourite of ours on Clowdy purely for their refreshing and hard hitting sounds along with seriously well crafted and symbolic music videos to mesmerise the eyes if the ears weren’t getting enough. Here’s one of our early Staff Picks that really stuck out to us for all of the above reasons with the addition of some social revolution talk in the lyrics which goes to show that The Actions aren’t just pumping out the first melodies that they think string together nicely. They put some serious time and thought into their releases which adds a lot more value to their music when it does come to surface. Here’s, ‘The Echo’.

While the songs have a thrilling and raucous energy they’re still beautifully produced and the aggressive rock elements manage to sound so perfectly arranged and…swishy. There’s plenty of distance and fading in the vocals too to add to the immersive feel. They have lots of impressive European gig performances including MTV on Stage and Heineken Jammin’ Festival, as well as opening for some big names including R.E.M., Green Day, Garbage, The Distillers, I Am Kloot and more. Have a listen to their latest track, ‘Counting All Days’ which came out this March as a preview for their upcoming EP ‘Indefensible’, which is due for release early April.

Listen to more on their Clowdy page or to keep track of all their latest news and to find out a whole lot more about them, visit their website here.



Dylan has now been involved with Clowdy for over a year as an integral part of the creative and marketing team. In his spare time he gives the rest of the office an intense inferiority complex by being a jazz pianist, mathematically proven to be the coolest possible hobby.