Spotlight on The Field Recorders

A merging of styles in rock and electronica, they have a distinct sound and an impressively large discography considering they only started releasing in 2013. When singer-songwriter Daniel Robbins started collaborating with producers Shehzad Choudhry and Sunny Desai, The Field Recorders began.

Having all rented studio space together in their hometown of Chicago, they’ve been recording, mixing and mastering all their own music. With rock and great lyricism permeating amongst the dancey bass and synths they’ve got a great setup for dynamic live performances, so if we catch wind of them playing across the pond we’ll be there for sure.

While their music mainly resonates with experimental electronica and lively beats I think some of my favourites from them that I’ve heard is when the vocals are given more volume while playing on that neon dance floor sort of vibe. A great track for that is ‘The Edge’ from the four track EP ‘Creep Back’ that they’ve just released.

Another favourite of mine is a slower paced beat with more traditional instruments used in ‘Ten Miles Down’. One of their earliest releases from the first album, which is pleasantly mellow and has a nice echoed vocal effect on it great for an isolated, ten-mile scenic drive.

If you want to hear more then check them out on Clowdy as well as showing some love by following them on FB.




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